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Grammatical terms

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Here is a list of general grammatical terms and their definitions:

1)Agreement:Correspondence or sameness

2)Antecedent:The substantive, noun or pronoun, to which a noun or pronoun refers.

3)Appositive: A substantive added to or following another substantive to explain it.

4) Substantive: A word or group of words functioning as noun.

5) Mood: A word or group of words reflection the emotions or expressions in / of sentence.

Sample Usage

-->subject-predicate agreement.
a) Sita is my sister.( both subject and predicate are singular)
b) Ram and Sita are my friends.( both subject and predicate are plural)
-->pronoun - antecedent agreement.
a) Krishna had his lunch.( Krishna - his)

a)If Ramesh tries it, he will like it.( Ramesh - he ).
b) I should have done it myself.( I- myself)

a) More hardy than wheat are these grains- rye,oats and barley.

4) Subsantive:
a)The soup was ten days old. ( the soup)

5) Mood:
a) He is my brother. ( indicative)
b) I wish you were here. ( subjunctive)

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