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Words Often Confused (C-series)

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1. Calendar: a table that gives days and dates of a year
Calender: to press between rollers or plates

2. Cannon: big gun
Canon: law

3. Canvas: coarse cloth
Canvass: to solicit votes

4. Cast: to throw, list of actors
Caste: an exclusive class

5. Casual: incidental
Causal: denoting cause

6. Ceiling: inner roof
Sealing: fastening with seals

7. Cemetery: a burial place
Symmetry: harmony

8. Censer: vessel containing incense
Censor: examiner of plays, films, etc.
Censure: to criticize.

9. Ceremonial: relating to ceremonies
Ceremonious: formal

10. Cession: act of ending or yielding up
Session: term
Cessation: ceasing

11. Check: to control, to examine
Cheque: a written order for money on a bank

12. Childish: silly
Childlike: innocent

13. Choir: a group of singers
Coir: fibre from coconut
Quire: twenty-four sheets of paper

14. Cite: to quote
Sight: view, vision
Site: place for building etc.

15. Climactic: pertaining to climax
Climatic: pertaining to climate

16. Coarse: rough
Course: direction taken, path

17. Collision: clash
Collusion: secret, fraudulent agreement

18. Complacent: self-satisfied
Complaisant: agreeable; willing to please others

19. Compliment: an expression of regard
Complement: that which completes

20. Comprehensible: that can be understood
Comprehensive: extensive

21. Confidant: one entrusted with secrets
Confident: having confidence

22. Confirm: to establish; to rectify
Conform: to conform; to obey

23. Congenial: pleasant
Congenital: dating from birth

24. Conscience: sense of right or wrong
Conscious: awake
Conscientious: honest

25. Considerable: moderately large
Considerate: thoughtful for the feelings of the others

26. Contagious: disease caught by contact
Contiguous: adjoining

27. Contemptible: worth contempt
Contemptuous: showing contempt

28. Continual: implies a close succession
Continuous: uninterrupted

29. Core: the innermost part
Corps: a division of an army
Corpse: dead body

30. Corporal: of the body
Corporeal: bodily, as opposed to the spiritual

31. Counsel: assembly
Counsel: advice, pleader

32. Credible: believable
Credulous: a person who believes things easily
Creditable: worthy of credit

33. Custom: established social practice
Habit: refers to an individual
Costume: clothing

Sample Usage


1. Calendar: Could you find out from the calendar if the 15th of March happens to be a Sunday?
Calender: Calendering the cloth gives it a glossy finish.

2. Cannon: Thirty-one cannon were fired to greet the royal guest.
Canon: For social peace and harmony, we should all observe the canons of morality.

3. Canvas: His gown was made of canvas.
Canvass: Candidates are not allowed to canvass nor vote on the day of election.

4. Cast: The hunter cast the net to catch the birds.
Caste: Gandhiji advocated the abolition of the caste system.

5. Casual: He made a casual reference to your efficiency.
Causal: You must give me in detail all the causal factors.

6. Ceiling: The ceiling of the room is beautifully decorated.
Sealing: I got the letter registered after sealing it.

7. Cemetery: Every time he passed by the cemetery, he was reminded of his son.
Symmetry: Symmetry is no longer an important feature of modern buildings.

8. Censer: She placed a beautiful censer near the altar.
Censor: The censor board does not allow the film producers to have any obscene scenes in their films.
Censure: The rich censure the socialistic policies of the government.

9. Ceremonial: Kailash Babu had an old ceremonial dress which he wore on every important occasion.
Ceremonious: One should not be ceremonious with one's intimate friends.

10. Cession: India will never agree to the cession of even an inch of her land to any foreign power.
Session: The next session of the Parliament will be held in October.
Cessation: The cessation of fighting brought relief to the people.

11. Check: Why can't you keep your anger in check?
Cheque: Did you make the payment by a cheque?

12. Childish: His childish behavior often provokes me and makes me lose temper.
Childlike: Her childlike simplicity must be appreciated.

13. Choir: His sister is the member of the church choir.
Coir: Coir can now be used to make a number of household items.
Quire: How much does a quire of paper cost these days.

14. Cite: He cited many examples to support his argument.
Sight: The sight of beautiful women inspired him to carve beautiful pictures.
Site: This site can be very suitable for a commercial college.

15. Climactic: The climactic scene had been picturised very effectively.
Climatic: He is very sensitive to climatic changes.

16. Coarse: The villagers may be very coarse in their looks but they are very innocent at heart.
Course: The river appears to be changing its course.

17. Collision: Had not the driver used the brakes, the boy would have been killed in the collision.
Collusion: The police are in collusion with the dacoits.

18. Complacent: When a man becomes complacent, his progress dies.
Complaisant: He appears to be complaisant but he is always trying to harm others.

19. Compliment: She complimented him on his fine handling of the official work.
Complement: Husband and wife ought to complement each other.

20. Comprehensible: , He speaks so indistinctly, he is not at all comprehensible.
Comprehensive: The notes he gave us were so comprehensive that we could depend only on them.

21. Confidant: His confidant told his parents about his love affairs with a girl in the neighbourhood.
Confident: He is confident of satisfying the Selection Committee and getting the job.

22. Confirm: My appointment has been confirmed.
Conform: These goods do not conform to the specifications.

23. Congenial: The efficiency of the work goes up in a congenial atmosphere.
Congenital: It is difficult to cure congenital defects.

24. Conscience: If this guilt lies too heavy on your conscience, you may report the matter to the police.
Conscious: When the epileptic fit is on, the person is not conscious about his whereabouts.
Conscientious: He is such a conscientious worker that his boss is greatly pleased with him.

25. Considerable: A considerable number of people think that cigarette smoking causes cancer of lungs.
Considerate: My friend was considerate enough to help in my misfortunes.

26. Contagious: Leprosy is a contagious disease.
Contiguous: India and Pakistan are contiguous countries.

27. Contemptible: He is such a contemptible fellow that anybody likes to talk to him.
Contemptuous: He frowned when his subordinates gave him a contemptuous reply.

28. Continual: His visits to his cousin were so continual that people began making all sorts of stories about them.
Continuous: After a continuous journey of three hours, we reached Agra.

29. Core: I fell grateful to you from the core of my heart.
Corps: Membership of National Cadet Corps should be made compulsory for every student.
Corpse: When the floods receded, many corpses were seen floating in the river.

30. Corporal: The teachers are forbidden to give corporal punishments to the students.
Corporeal: To Wordsworth cuckoo was not a corporeal being but only a wandering voice.

31. Counsel: My father was a member of Uttar Pradesh Legislative Council.
Counsel: He gave me much encouragement with his sound counsel.

32. Credible: He has the knack of making his lies credible.
Credulous: He is so credulous that he trusts everybody.
Creditable: She gave a creditable performance in her very first picture.

33. Custom: I have spent a few years among the tribals in Madhya Pradesh and I know all about their customs.
Habit: It is his habit to keep humming while working.
Costume: He asked his brother where his swimming costume was.

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