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Homophones - Part 2

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This is the first set of the most common homophones which I am going to talk about in the sample usages. Please consider reading them and learning the differences. I hope you will not make mistakes in usage of at least these set of words, called homophones.

Sample Usage

Soul & Soul

Soul(noun) - It is the moral nature of human beings. It is also the imaginary power, which is believed to transfer from one body to another.
Sole(noun) - It is the bottom of a person's foot or footwear.

Read & Reed

Read - To get the meaning of something printed or written or marked etc. by seeing the contents.
Reed - A type of grass which mostly grows in marshy lands.

Deep & Dip

Deep - Something which is great in depth.
Dip - To put something in a liquid or immerse.

Buy, Bye & Boy

Buy - To purchase something.
Bye - To bid farewell.
Boy(noun) - Opposite sex of girls.

Cheap & Chip

Cheap - Something which is less costly.
Chip - A small panel in which other electronic components are fitted.

Fit, Feet & Feat

Feet - Plural of foot
Fit - To be healthy and physically and mentally okay.
Feat - To feature someone (acronym of featuring)

Due & Dew

Due - A case of something being incomplete which needs to be done.
Dew - Water on the petals of the leaves of flowers.

Called & Cold

Called - Past Tense of Call.
Cold - A case of low temperature.

Feature & Future

Feature - Quality or merits of something or someone.
Future - Something which is to come.

Man & Main

Man - Human Being
Main - The principal or most important thing.

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