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Idioms and verbal phrases are expressions peculiar to a particular language, here are some examples.

Sample Usage

Abreast of : (side by side)
Ex : We should not ride on scooters abreast of one another.

Addle-headed : (foolish)
Ex : Ramu is an addle-headed boy because at the slightest provocation, he goes on doing silly things.

Allegiance to : (loyalty to)
Ex : I owe allegiance to none.

Allude to : (refer indirectly to)
Shakespeare alludes to a number of Greek mythological stories.

Amenable to : (tractable)
Ex : Children are amenable to reason.

Animosity : (hostility)
Ex : I have no animosity against anyone.

Anodyne to : (remedy to assuage pain)
Ex : There is no anodyne to mental worry.

Arrogate to : (claim unduly)
Ex : He arrogated to himself what actually belonged to others.

At daggers drawn : (in great hostility)
Ex : John and Akbar who were once close friends are now at daggers drawn.

Atone for : (make amends for)
Ex : We should atone for our misdeeds.

At sixes and sevens : (in utter confusion)
Ex : When the youth festival celebrations were over, the school and its surroundings were at sixes and sevens.

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