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Pamphlet - A medium of Expression

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Pamphlet is a piece of paper used to express one's ideas all in just one paper. Many people today consider to be excluded from English usage because, it has more of graphics, but the big professional editors, writers and experts consider it still to be a part of English. When asked why, our experts explain that why do we write essays? We do it to express our own ideas in a complete written forms, but ain't is a bit filled of boredom because reading such long piece of texts can just give pain to the eyes and just like all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, similarly, all text and no graphics in English makes an expression of idea a piece, filled with boredom. So, we can say that pamphlets are a way of expressing one's idea in a very timeless manner as well as really beautiful.

Today, to express one's idea about one's own product, performance, product, market, company is not done by writing essays or articles. They are mostly advertised on the television by videos. But everyone does not have a television even today. So pamphlets can be given like handouts and we all can easily read it. Anyways, it looks more like an advertisement medium, but it is not just that because it has a format of it's processing. It can't be just made with full of drawings and no text, neither it can be made with just full text and no graphics in it.

It has a format, though not so formal, but as every pamphlet is unique in itself because of having different contents as well as different designing, but still there is an informal format and this is the reason why pamphlets are a part of today's English syllabus in even graduation. It is an art to make a pamphlet, and mind you, it is not just a drawing so it is not like anyone can make a pamphlet. We need to keep certain figures in our mind when making pamphlets.

1. The Central Attraction - What is it here? The central attraction of a pamphlet is the thing which attracts the readers to it the very first time. Anyone, first sees the beauty of the flower then only goes near it to take a photograph. It is just the same here even. One can make anyone attracted to it's product if he makes something really attractive as the central attraction. The central attraction of the pamphlet can be either a picture of the product, organization or company. It can be either a picture, or it can even be a stylish heading for the product in just text but decorated and made to look beautiful and attract others. It should be either placed on the center of the pamphlet or at the top. It is really very necessary that this piece of object in the pamphlet should look nice because, a pamphlet looks to be full of boredom without a nice central attraction.

2. Form of Content - A pamphlet is a small piece of paper, just one piece. One has to use that paper to express nearly all his meaningful ideas about what he/she wants to be delivered to the reader. So we can't write long sentences, essays and paragraphs even when the size of paper is so small. We can't just do that. But we have to express our ideas in a perfect way. How to do that? It is the rule of the pamphlet that we do not write big pieces of text in the pamphlet. We either use slogans or just small idiomatic lines in the poem.

The main content can be all around the central attraction piece. However, it is really very necessary that the main content should also be in stylish manner, so that the readers feel enthusiastic to read it.

3. Conclusion of the Pamphlet - Well, there is no such conclusion in the pamphlet but what we call conclusion here? At the very end of the pamphlet, we leave some space and separate it from the rest part of the main content and the central attraction by drawing a line or so. In that we need to write why we have made that pamphlet and we need to tell the readers what is the interest in this pamphlet. There are two types of interest -

(i) Public Interest - In this type of interest, the pamphlet writer, drawer or artist does not have a special benefit for himself. He does it for the interest of public and for their awareness. Examples of pamphlets for public interest maybe Cancer Aid, Swine Flu awareness, awareness for education, and so on.

(ii) Private Interest - In this type of interest, the pamphlet writer, drawer or artist does have a special benefit for himself. He has to get some special benefit from the advertisement. Examples of pamphlets for public interest maybe product advertisement, advertising the political leaders and so on.

Sample Usage

Here is an example of a pamphlet. Where there is highlighted '1', it is the central attraction pointed, where there is highlighted '2', it is the main content. Where there is the marked '3', it is the conclusion of the pamphlet. So have a look.

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