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Words Often Confused (H, I &J-Series)

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1. Hail: frozen rain drops
Hale: healthy

2. Hair: a covering for the body (or parts of it) consisting of a dense growth of threadlike structures (as on the human head); helps to prevent heat loss
Hare: swift timid long-eared mammal larger than a rabbit having a divided upper lip and long hind legs; young born furred and with open eyes

3. Heal: to cure
Heel: a part of the foot

4. Hoard: to collect secretly
Horde: group

5. Honorary: holding an office without receiving a pay
Honourable: worthy of honour

6. Historic: important
Historical: relating to history

7. Humiliation: disgrace
Humility: modesty

8. Idle: without work
Idol: image

9. Ill: suffering from a disease; bad
Sick: tendency to vomit

10. Imaginary: not real
Imaginative: full of imagination

11. Imperial: concerning emperor or empire
Imperious: authoritative

12. Impunity: exemption from punishment
Immunity: exemption from duty

13. Inconstant: changing; one who does not stick to one thing
Inconsistent: self-contradictory
14. Indict: to accuse
Indite: to compose

15. Industrial: relating to industry
Industrious: hard-working

16. Informant: source of information
Informer: source of information; spy, used in bad sense

17. Ingenious: skillful, clever
Ingenuous: simple, innocent

18. Innocent: pure, blameless
Innocuous: not injurious

19. Irrelevant: not connected with the subject under consideration
Irreverent: disrespectful

20. Judicial: pertaining to law
Judicious: wise

21. Junction: meeting place
Juncture: a critical or important point of time

Sample Usage


1. Hail: The rain was accompanied with hail stones.
Hale: His mother was hale and hearty till yesterday when she suddenly died.

2. Hair: Grey hair is no sure signs of wisdom.
Hare: They failed in their attempt to catch a hare.

3. Heal: The doctor's hope that the soldiers wounds will soon heal.
Heel: His heel was so badly punctured that he could hardly stand.

4. Hoard: In the past people used to hoard money in pails which they would bury underground.
Horde: When the Chinese hordes invaded India, they thought they would defeat the Indians.

5. Honorary: He is the honorary doctor of the hospital but he looks after the patients well.
Honourable: His intentions towards her are perfectly honourable.

6. Historic: The liberation of Bangladesh was a historic event of 1971.
Historical: We enjoyed a trip to the historical buildings of the capital.

7. Humiliation: He was put to humiliation on account of his poverty.
Humility: Many people conceal their selfishness under a mask of humility.

8. Idle: An idle man's brain is a devil's workshop.
Idol: Many Hindus believe in idol worship.

9. Ill: I have been ill with fever for two days.
Sick: I feel sick while travelling by bus.

10. Imaginary: She told him an imaginary story.
Imaginative: Coleridge had a very imaginative mind.

11. Imperial: The kings had considerable imperial powers.
Imperious: You speak in such an imperious manner that I have to yield you.

12. Impunity: Most of the leaders think that they enjoy complete impunity and can do whatever they like.
Immunity: He was given immunity from hard work on account of his indifferent health.

13. Inconstant: Men are often very inconstant.
Inconsistent: His behavior is inconsistent with his principles.

14. Indict: He was indicted for his negligence in his work.
Indite: He indited a touching poem to pay tribute to their dead hero.

15. Industrial: Since independence, India has shown much industrial progress.
Industrious: Being industrious, Shyam has secured first division.

16. Informant: My information is correct, for my informant is a reliable man.
Informer: My own friend turned informer and harmed me.

17. Ingenious: His ingenious planning proved to be very useful for the party.
Ingenuous: Only ingenuous person can enjoy true felicity.

18. Innocent: An innocent child is free from all sorts of worries of life.
Innocuous: This drug is quite innocuous.

19. Irrelevant: Your arguments are irrelevant to the subject under discussion.
Irreverent: The students of today are irreverent to their teachers.

20. Judicial: I am giving this decision in my judicial capacity.
Judicious: We should be judicious in choosing our profession.

21. Junction: our bus collided with a truck at the junction of Mall road and Market road.
Juncture: The lovers had planned to flee but at this juncture their parents reached the spot and took them home.

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