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Tenses - Verbs- Auxiliary Verb

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In general there are 3 types of tenses:
1.Present tense
2.Past tense
3.Future tense

Similarly a verb has 3 forms:
1.Present form(v1)
2.Past form(v2)
3.Past participle form(not future form-v3)

Example s:
Go- went –gone
Do-did –done.

Type of Tense

Type of Action Expressed is
- actions occurring at regular intervals
- general truths, or situations existing for a period of time
- non-continuous actions

Type of Action Expressed is
-continuous, ongoing actions

Type of Action Expressed is
- non-continuous actions completed before a certain time

4.Perfect Continuous
Type of Action Expressed
- continuous, ongoing actions completed before a certain time

These verb forms decide the nature of the tense (tense is depends on the verb).

•The verb which is helping the main verb is an auxiliary verb (AV) (it also imp in tenses).
Is, am, are, was, were, has, have, had.....
Is/am/are—these are used in present tense
Was/were—these are used in past tense
Has/have/had—these are used in perfect tenses
Has been/have been/had been—these are used in perfect continuous tense

• The persons are also very imp in tenses or in grammar
• Persons are also called as subject but subject is slightly different in some cases.
• A person or a thing that does the work he or it is called “subject".
• A simple English sentence comprises of “subject+verb+object".
• We can write it as “sub + verb + obj" for our convenience.
• For passive we write “obj + verb (in third form) + sub".

a)First person (I, We)
b)Second person (You)
c)Third person (He, she , it, they)

Sample Usage

Simple present - A letter is written by Hari.

Simple past - A letter is being written by me.

Present perfect - I have written a letter

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