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Tenses - Active Voice & Passive Voice

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A)Simple present:
(Active voice = sub + v1+ obj)= I write a letter.
(Passive voice = obj+ is/are + v3+ by+ sub) = A letter is written by me.
In passive voice we should use verb in past participle form (v3).

Note: In simple present tense, one unique condition is there, i.e. when we use the verb belongs third person singular (like he, she, it), we have to add either ‘s' or ‘es' after the verb but v3 remains same in passive voice.

Kranthi writes a letter (active voice),
A letter is written by Kranthi (passive voice)

B)Simple past:
(Active voice = sub+v2+obj) = I wrote a letter
(Passive voice = obj + was/were + v3+ sub)= A letter was written by me.

C)Simple future:
(Active voice = sub + will/shall+ v1+ obj)= I will/shall write a letter.
(Passive voice = obj+ will be/ shall be + v3 + sub)= A letter will be written by me.


A). Present continuous:
(Active voice = sub + is/am/are/+ v1+ing + obj)= I am writing a letter.
Passive voice = obj +is being/ are being/am being + v3+ sub)
= A letter is being written by me.

B). Past continuous:
(Active voice = sub + was/were+ v1+ing + obj)= I was writing a letter
(Passive voice = obj + was being/were being +v3+ sub)
=A letter was being written by me

C). Future continuous:
(Active voice = sub ++will be/ shall be + v1+ing +obj)= I will be writing a letter
(Passive voice = no passive voice


A). Present perfect:
(Active voice = sub + has/have + v3 +obj)= I have written a letter
(Passive voice = obj+ has been/ have been + v3 +sub)
=A letter has been written by me.
Note: for persons I, We, you, and they we use “have". For all singular number except ‘I' we use “has".

B). Past perfect:
(Active voice = sub+ had+v3+obj)= I had written a letter.
(Passive voice = obj+ had been+ v3+ sub)= A letter had been written by me.

C). Future perfect:
(Active voice = sub + will have/ shall have + v3 +obj)= I will have written a letter.
(Passive voice = obj + will have been/shall have been +v3+ sub.
=A letter will have been written by me.


A). Present perfect continuous:
(Active voice = sub+ have been/ has been+ v1+ing+ obj)= I have been writing a letter
(Passive voice = obj+has being/ have being+ v3+ sub)
= A letter has being written by me.

B). Past perfect continuous:
(Active voice = sub + had been +v1 +obj)= I had been writing a letter.
(Passive voice = obj +had being +v3 + obj)= A letter had being written by me.

C). Future perfect continuous:
(Active voice = sub + will have been/ shall have been + v1+ obj)
=I will have been writing a letter
(Passive voices = No passive voice).

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