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Reader, I know that seeing the title of the post, you must be wondering what I am going to write. Actually, we know that things are sometimes needed to be seen with the examiner's eyes, with the point of view of examinations. ISC is very much valuable to all those who like to come here to learn. A very big group of these people are students suffering from unsatisfactory marks. Marks are not achieved just by good knowledge. Actually writing exams is an art. A big part in achieving good scores is played by the handwriting of the writer. So I am going to give you some tips regarding how to develop your English handwriting and love it just your way and let it be adored by other as well. So without wasting much time let me start.

Curves and Angles

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Well, we know that all the times we are not writing so carefully and seeing our handwriting, whether it is good or not. But practice can make a man perfect. Well, what does produce a good handwriting? The base of the good handwriting is the structure of the letters one produces from his hands. The structure of the letters depend on two things - Curves and Angles. It is notable that those who do not have good curves and angles in their handwriting cannot write with an attractive streak. Curves are of utmost importance in English handwriting. See the given pictures, what is the difference. The difference is in the curves and angles.

Actually it looks odd when we use both the words, curves and angles at once, because both are entirely different things. But we need to take them into consideration because they are of utmost importance. One must not write with sharp edges, too many sharp edges tend to look very dirty and childish. It looks odd when we see them. Sharp edges are foes to a good handwriting. On the other hand, curves are needed to let look a handwriting beautified. If a handwriting has beautiful curves in it, it looks smoothed to read. It is easy to read and pleasant to the eyes. And by angles, here I meant the angles to which the the curves are bent. It should be taken into consideration that careful angles are what required to maintain the structure of the letters. Think about the letter 'A'. The angle between the two intersection big arms form an angle of about 35-50 degrees, varying from one handwriting to another. What if we make that angle 90 degrees, won't it look stupid?. It is not something to be done with a paint brush and a drawing book, we just need to be in practice while writing.

Correct Spacing

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Apart from the curves and curvatures and angles, there are some more things which need to be taken under consideration. It is a commmon observation that many of us have the habit of writing the things too closely. By this I mean to say that the distance between one word to another is sometimes very less. This is a troublesome experience for the readers. It is a very painstaking time for the reader because one cannot distinguish one word from the other at times and that is why reading goes on becoming complex. However there is a solution for this. We can give enough space between our words, between one and the next to it.

We need to provide enough space, specially when our handwriting is extreme that is the words are either too big or too small, without thinking about the lines in the papers.

Sizing of Letters

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This is another important factor. We cannot deny the fact that very big letters look really very kiddish, stupid, and childish at times, when it crosses the limits. Also, things get worse when the words are microscopic in size. This irritates the reader. One's font size must be normal, neither too big nor too small because it may spoil the writers image in front of the reader if the handwriting is composed of extremely big sized font or extremely small sized font. The thing is that it does not let the reader look fast because after reading a few lines, the reader begins to possess a thinking that if he/she goes faster, then he may read the wrong things and thus he/she gets inclined to read very carefully and slowly, going to each and every single word with a separate look.

It is sometimes quite obvious that even teachers tend to write very big or very small sometimes. Sometimes, the font size is so small that even the writer himself/herself is unable to read the text.

Uniform Handwriting

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It is the habit of many people that for their handwriting style keeps on changing with the passage of time. If the handwriting is not uniform, it looks very untidy and immature. So it is very important that the handwriting is uniform, i.e. it looks the same throughout, without changing the font style anywhere.

Attractive Figures

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Now, this is something optional but valuable. There is always a craze among people in colleges that whose handwriting is the best. Despite of all the above qualities, sometimes people having this quality in their handwriting win the bets. So I think this is something which needs to be explained to you. Many times the letters should look stylish, in case of necessity or so on. For example - while writing a title for something. The letters if are stylish look very good, for example rather than putting a mere simple dot in the letter 'I', some people have developed a habit of making a figure like heart or a candle flame. Similar things can be experimented with the numbers as well.

Now let me come to the concluding part. What impact does these features have on an examiner correcting a paper. What does the examiner want from you? He wants just one thing, he wants you to help him go speed. If your handwriting possesses the above features, you can easily let him go fast and correct more copies in lesser time, and if you do this, the examiner gets pleased with you and he happily gives you good marks disregarding the small mistakes which you commit.

Sample Usage

The Handwriting samples have been shown in each of the subheadings, the first one is the inappropriate handwriting and the second one is the appropriate handwriting in each case. Have a look!

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