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Compound Words

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Compound Words

A compound word is any word where two other words have been joined together to create a new third word.

Compound words are, for the most part Nouns, Adjectives and Verbs. In most compound words it is the first word which modifies the meaning of the sound. The accent is placed upon the modifying word when the amalgamation is complete. When the two elements of the compound are only partially blended, a hypen is put between them, and the accent falls equally on both parts of the compound.

Compound Nouns may be formed

1. Noun + Noun: ( moonlight, armchair, postman, railway, airman, manservant, teaspoon, windmill )
2. Adjective + Noun
3. Verb + Noun
4. Gerund + Noun
5. Adverb ( or Preposition ) + Noun
6. Verb + Adverb
7. Adverb + Verb

Compound Adjective can be formed

Noun + Adjective ( or Participle )
1. Adjective + Adjective
2. Adverb + Adjective ( or Participle )

Compound Verb can be formed.

1. Noun + Verb
2. Adjective + Verb
3. Adverb + V

Sample Usage

The word "butterfly" is made from the two words "butter" and "fly"

pig + tail = pigtail

sand + paper = sandpaper

eye + brow = eyebrow

thumb + tack = thumbtack

hand + bag = handbag

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