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Determiners—When to Avoid its Use:

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1.No article should be used before a Proper, Abstract or Material Noun:


1.New Delhi is the capital of India.
(New Delhi and India are Proper Nouns)

2 Anxiety is sitting on her face.
Experience is the best teacher.
(Anxiety and experience are Abstract Nouns, i.e. showing the state of mind.)
3.Gold is a very costly metal. (Gold is Material Noun)


However, when these nouns are used in a particular sense, ‘The' is used before them. Note the following sentences:

1.Bangalore is the New Delhi of the South.
2.She learnt everything from the experience of life.
3.The gold we bought was pure.

2.Before the names of days months, and seasons:-
1.I shall return on Sunday.
2.Our examination will start in March.
3.Spring is the season of festivals.

3.Before plural nouns when they are are used for a wholw class:-

1.Students were not happy with the decision.
2.Dogs are faithful animals.

4.Before the name of a language:-

1.He is learning French these days.
2.French is the mother tongue of the French.


When' The' is used before a language, it denotes a nation.
French = French language
The French = French nation

5.Before the name of a religious/famous book, if it is preceded by the name of its author:-
Tagore's Gitanjali, Tulsidas' Ramayana

6.Before the name of a subject/stream of study:

1.My brother teaches me mathematics.
2.I am weak in Hindi.

7.Before a common noun, if used in vocative case:

1.Friends, let‘s wait for the result.
2.Help me, man.

8.Before the names of diseases:

1.She is suffering from malaria.
2.His father died of cancer.


However, ‘the' is used before some diseases like- the mumps, the measles etc.

I have been suffering from the mumps.

9.Before words showing relations i.e. mother, father, uncle etc.

1.Father will return on Monday.
2.Mother goes to the temple every day.

10.While writing headlines, notices, telegrams etc.

Lost ladies wrist watch in library
(A ladies wristwatch is lost in the library)

Attend interview Monday 25th.August.
(Attend an interview on Monday the25th. August.)

11. Before ‘most' if it is used in the sense of very:-

1.The story is most interesting.
2.You are most intelligent.

Sample Usage

As shown above.

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