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Positioning the Adverbs

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---------------------- Positioning the Adverbs -------------------------

Adverbs are always confusing while using within a sentence. Every time one thinks that he is right while placing the adverb. But there are a few rules to use adverb which help while making a good use of the adverbs and positioning them in a proper manner.

Some of the positioning with adverbs is as follows:

1.Positioning the Adverbs of Time:

There are adverbs of time like yesterday, now, recently, tomorrow etc which are generally used at the end of the sentence.

a) I will let you know my plan tomorrow.
b) She asked for the same tips yesterday.
c) He has shown his wedding snaps recently.

2. Positioning Adverbs of Places:

Adverbs for places are always kept behind the sentence to emphasize more on the adverb.Adverbs of places are like there, behind, above, here etc. These type of adverbs are always kept behind the direct object or verbs.

a) Ram is never seen here.
b) Sita stayed behind.
c) Laxman tried to put his shoes there.

3. Positioning the Adverb of Manners:

As adverb of places are placed behind the direct objects or verbs, in the similar way, we can place the adverb of Manners behind the direct objects or verbs. This is a simple rule to place such adverbs like slowly, carefully, awfully etc. behind the verbs.

a) Ramesh drove the car carefully
b) Rahim drives very slowly

4. Positioning the adverbs of Frequency:

These type of adverbs (like often, usually, seldom, always etc) are usually placed before the main verb in the sentence.

a)Ramesh seldom go for running in the evening.
b)Rahim does not always play chess.
c)Ram has never been abroad

Sample Usage

As shown under each heading.

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