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Determiners and their Types

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------------------------ Determiners and their Types --------------------------

Determiners: Determiners are nothing but the words that are used to clarify the nouns. They are used to define or state something related to nouns.

There are so many kinds of determiner words in the English dictionary. These are used differently with different kind of nouns. For a singular noun, we always have to fix a determiner e.g a, an, the.

Different types of Determiners are as follows:

1.Demonstrative Determiners:

These are nothing but the determiners used as pronouns or adjectives. They are specifically used to state the distance from the subject.

e.g. This, These, That and Those.

This is a glass. That garden is really beautiful.
Those are the stories of bygone days.

2.Possessive Determiners:

These determiners are used to show the relation between the subjects.

e.g. My, mine, our, your, his, her, their etc.

My classroom is very spacious.
Her desk is always full of books.
Their paintings are really nice.

3.Article Determiners:

Articles are specifically three in number and are used to determine the specific things about the subject. They are of two type: Definite(The) and Indefinite(A and An)

e.g. A, An, The

The Ganges originates from the Himalayas.
Siwach wrote an article to publish at the ISC site.
A monkey is standing outside the garden.


These are the determiners used to measure the quantity of a subject. They does not specifically tell the exact amount.

e.g. few, much, many, a few, little, enough.

Siwach has enough money to buy a cricket bat.
Mitra wish to have many players in his team.

5.Ordinal Determiners:

These are nothing but to determine the class or present the position of the subject in the sentence.

e.g. First, Second, Last, next etc.

Jose stood first in the ISC contest.
Siwach was at the last position while making money this month.

6.Number Determiners:

These determiners are just used to specify the exact count or number in the sentence.

e.g. One, Two, Fifty, Thirty etc.

There is only one egg left.
Siwach took two apples.

Thus we can use plenty of determiners present in English to specify the noun.

Sample Usage

As in the explanation.

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