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Similar Sounding Commonly Confused Words: Piece and Peace

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The words piece and peace sound similar when spoken, but are different words.

The word piece is a noun.
Meanings: part; bit; slice; portion; section; quantity.
- Antonym: whole

The word peace is a noun.
Meanings: calm; quiet; stillness; silence; tranquility; serenity; amity; end of war.

Sample Usage

Examples of Piece:
1. Shweta's mother told her to cut the pizza into an equal number of pieces.
2. I borrowed a piece of paper from my colleague to jot down the telephone number.
3. When I opened the library book, a pink piece of paper fell out.

Examples of Peace:
1. Suresh requested his wife to take the kids out of the room so that he could work on his computer in peace without constant distractions.
2. The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh requested the Central Govt. to find a peaceful solution to the end the call for a separate Telangana State.
3. The neighbouring Kings ensured that they were at peace with each other.

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