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Similar Sounding Confusing Words: Avenge and Revenge

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The words avenge and revenge are often confused with each other. They have different meanings and are used differently.

The word avenge is a verb.
Meanings: retaliate; even the score. It is generally an act done on behalf of another person.

The word revenge is a noun.
Meanings: vengeance; payback; reprisal.

Sample Usage

Examples of avenge:
1. Shirish waited for the right opportunity to avenge the insult to his father.
2. Ritika's mother told her to forget the minor teasing incident and not get worked up about taking avenges as it was all done in fun.
3. Mr. Malkani's business rival was determined to avenge the humiliating incident caused by Malkani during the inter-State conference.


Examples of revenge:
1. It is sometimes better to forgive and forget instead of simmering in anger and wasting precious hours of one's life waiting to take revenge.
2. To take revenge against somebody often takes up far too much time and effort.
3. The athlete decided to take revenge against those who had deliberately ruined his career as they had been jealous of his success.

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