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Similar sounding confusing words: Accent, Ascent, Assent

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Accent, Ascent, Assent: All these 3 words sound similar. However, they are pronounced with a slight difference and all have meanings that differ from each other.

Accent can be used as a noun as well as a verb.
1. As a noun accent can be used in 2 ways:
(a) In one sense accent means: pronunciation; intonation; enunciation; tone of voice.
(b)In another sense accent means: emphasis; stress; prominence.

2. As a verb accent means: emphasize; put stress on; give weight to; highlight.
Ascent is a noun. It can be used in two ways.
1. In one sense ascent means: climb; rise; gradient; incline; slope; way up
Antonym: descent

2. In another sense ascent means: progress; advancement;

Assent can be used as a noun as well as a verb.
1. As a noun assent means: agreement; approval; consent; sanction.
Antonym: disagreement

2. As a verb assent means: agree; go along with; subscribe to; concur.
Antonym: disagree

Sample Usage

Examples of Accent:
1. As a noun:-
(a) The tourist tried very hard to explain what he wanted but due to his American accent the shopkeeper could not understand properly.
(b) The speech therapist explained carefully on which part of each word the accent should be placed while pronouncing it.
(c) When taking part in a debate competition, it is necessary to put the accent on the right words to get one's view across.

2. As a verb:-
(a) The architect instructed the artisan to add colour to the dome-like structure in such a manner that there was a greater accent on the pink shade rather than the grey colour.
(b) For better Google AdSense earnings, it is necessary to put a good accent on keywords.

Examples of Ascent:
1. Due to the steep ascent the trekkers were finding it difficult to maintain their balance.
2. The training program would help the students in their career ascent.
3. The fireman bravely climbed the steep façade of the building via the pipe to rescue the injured bird stuck in a window grill.

Examples of Assent:
1. As a noun:-
(a) The assent of all members of the group was necessary to ensure a successful launch of the new product.
(b) It was important to get the assent of the Principal before organizing the Christmas party on the campus.

2. As a verb:-
(a) The judge was willing assented to the defense attorney's request for further time to collect proof of his client's innocence.
(b) The ISC Webmasters assented to the Editor's request for more reward programs for the members.

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