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Climatic and Climactic are two different words which look quite similar

Climatic :

Climatic is an Adjective and is derived from the word climate

It means anything pertaining to or related to the climate or our immediate environment.

Related Forms :

Noun : Climate

Adverb : Climatically

Climactic :

Climactic is an Adjective and is derived from the word climax

It means anything pertaining to or concerned with the climax or culmination or about the decisive moment

Related Forms :

Noun : Climax

Adverb : Climactically

Sample Usage

Examples of Climatic :

1. We should conserve our energy resources as production of energy is sensitive to climatic changes.

2. Mankind is hugely responsible for the rapidly changing climatic conditions.

3. Changes in climatic patterns are so gradual that it is difficult to perceive them as a reality.

Examples of Climactic :

1. The last film that I saw had a thrilling climactic ending.

2. The mild argument between Raj and Arun led to a climactic confrontation.

3. The dramatization of the climactic plot is always the highlight of a melodrama.

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