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Letter Writing

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Letters written to friends or relatives are called Personal Letters. Such letters are written to maintain the bonds of moutual love and affection. Through then we exchange kind, feelings and civilities. Letters of introduction, congratulations, condolence, invitations and response to invitations are also included in the class of personal letters. A personal letter can be divided into the following four parts :-
1. The Heading
2. The Salutation
3. The Body
4. The Ending.

1. The Heading :- This part of the letter gives the writer's address and the date of writing the letter.
Example :
FI-U, 63, Pritam Pura,
Hissar Road,
March 23, 2010
The heading is written at the of letter, at the right-hand corner of the page. It should not include the name of the writer. The following orders should be observed while writing the heading.
1. Number of the house.
2. Name of the street.
3. Name of the town.
4. Name of the state.
5. Date.
Take care that the different parts of the Heading are correctly punctuated.

2. The Salutation :- The introductory phrase in a letter is called the salutation. The form of salutation depends upon the nature of relationship or the degree of intimacy between the writer and the addresses.
The modern tendency is to write Dear.

3. The Body :- It is the main part of the letter and it contains the subject-matter of the letter. The following points should be kept in mind while writing this part of letter.
1. The language used for writing the letter should be grammatically correct. You should write neatly and accurately.
2. Avoid the too much use of First Person Pronoun 'I'. Since it has a bad effect and appears egotistical.
3. Say simple and directly what you want to say.
4. Use short sentences and simple words.
5. Avoid the use of long and involved sentences.
6. Divide your letter into paragraphis. It will help the reader to understand easily what you want to say.

4. The Ending :-
The ending should always be in keeping with the salutation. The different forms of ending are :
1. For blood relation :
I am, I remain etc.
2. For intimate friends :
Yours sincerely, Yours ever, Yours most sincerely etc.
3. For Teachers, Principals etc.
Your obediently, Your obedient Pupil etc.

Sample Usage

15, Sangeet Bhawan,
23 March, 2010.

The Principle,
Fashion Institute of Correspondence,
C.R. Das Road,

I am interested in learning fashion technology through the correspondence course being run by your Institute. Kindly let me know all the relevant details about the course, viz fees and duration of the course etc. Please send me through V.P.P. if you have any prospectus for the said course.

Your Faithfully,

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