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How to Conduct an Assembly

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Many a times we come to have opportunities to present us before the audience on the stage. It is not to be told, but one should use the words really carefully so as to render effective influence over the audience. In this post, I would like to tell you about what things should be taken in mind while conducting an assembly. Here are some points to make assembly conduction effective. Let's start

Introduction and Inauguration to the Event

While starting, first of all the speakers should introduce themselves with the audience. Then after that they must give some detail about the occasion. They should tell exactly to the audience what the event is that day and why they are going to celebrate this occasion. Next, they should inaugurate the festival or the occasion by inviting the chief guest, the manager or principal of the authority and some of the important people.

Attention to the Chief Guest

Attention to the chief guest is very important. It may be considered rude and unauthentic if the conductors do not introduce the people to the chief guest of the event. He is the attraction of the event and if he is not attended properly by the audience, by the group of authorities, then it is a big problem next to it.


While you call on the stage for some such events in the ceremony that require the authorities and the chief guest etc. then one should take care of the order of summoning. The order of summoning should be like this –

First - Chief Guest
Second – The Manager of the authority
Third – Other Important People

If the chief guest is summoned at the last, then it does not look good.

Arrangement of events

The arrangement of the events should be done wisely. Suppose there is a song or dance item in between and there are some speeches from the important people or VIPs, then they should be rowed in such a manner that the audience is not bored. The speeches may be one after another but the dance or song items must not be consecutive because it draws the beauty of the ceremony.


The speeches given in the event must be something like pleasure to the audience. It often happens that the audience gets bored by a series of speeches. So putting the speeches either won't be a good idea. Even if they have to be put together, then a good pattern must be followed. Like first of all, chief guest must be asked to speak up. Next, the manager must be asked. Just follow the summoning order.

Sample Usage

Good morning, respected Father Principal, our honorable chief guest, respected teachers and dear friends. I (First Speaker) and I (Second Speaker) take pride in standing before you and speak. As you know, today is the New Academic Sessions' Opening Day. Today is the day when we all are here with an attitude to give it a new and indeed eccentric start. Yes, a new start to a new official academic year. To corroborate the occasion, let us begin with the lightning of the lamp. I invite Principal Sir, (Name of Principal), School Captain (Name of School Captain) and Vice Captain (Name of vice Captain).

“God is great because he still loves human beings and indeed loves them unconditionally."

So let us do the same and remember the almighty. Here is a prayer song by plus two section.

Between all of us, we have a very special chief guest, Mr. (Name of Chief Guest), the (Designation of Chief Guest). I entreat all of you to give a big round of applause for him. Now, I invite Principal Sir and School Captain to bestow him a small gift, a souvenir, a bouquet from our school, so that he remembers us forever.

Any occasion without special attention to the main attraction and getting the same is undone, just like a birthday without a cake, a music band without a guitarist, a drummer without cymbals and Ramnavami without Hanuman. Our special attraction today, is the chief guest of today, Mr. (Name of Chief Guest). I invite him to show up his unparalleled views and take care of the audience.

Times gone by are history. The only thing which is denied to even God is to undo the history. However, it is bad or good, recalling what happened last is always like to get drowned in the memories of the past. A past academic year is not merely a year to be forgotten. However, it is something more than that. It is something to be remembered, analyzed and outlined so that we get the best out of it. I invite (Name of other Speaker) to please come up on the stage and speak and articulate on the past year's account.

More views more opinions and broader thoughts - that is what life is. The more views we share, the closer we are. The more we listen, the more we enjoy and the more we know. Continuing the streak, I request our vice Captain (Name of vice Captain) to deliver his views and share it with all of us.

All of us know that in our school we have a very unique system. Over down the end of the exams, when we get our results, we all observe a shuffle in our change of sections. Some of us go to section A, some to B and so on. All of us meet new friends and enjoy it; however, all of us also have the pain in our heart to lose some of our dearest friends. Though it is not a permanent aloofness or detachment, but then a loss is a loss. But we fail to take in that physical presence is not everything to satisfy the quality and the palpable feeling of a great friendship. We can still find them and feel them somewhere close to us. We can still expose to them, our palpable feelings, and can share our tears. Dedicated to all of you, I with some of my friends am here with a romantic song. Don't forget, we can still share our tears.

That was indeed fabulous. Thanks to me and my friends. Isn't that selfish? Ah, let it be. Coming before all of you, is our School Captain with some of her precious and priceless memories and views. Let's see what he/she has for all of us.

Thanks a lot sir. Many kids, including me, in our childhood, do a very bizarre thing. While dining, we don't eat one very special thing and keep it apart. Our parents would think, ah, the kid does not like it, all cooking efforts gone to waste. However, they are completely unacquainted that kid likes it so much that it wants to take all the enjoyment in the last moment. Finally, graciously, I invite Principal Sir, (Name of the Principal), to share his views and give us a memorable account of his thoughts.

Thanks a lot father. With all delightful events, our ceremony has come to an end. So let us all go to our new classes. No wait, wait, wait, and give it a halt. Friends won't you like to have some more of my boring words, I am sure you would do. So have my words. In this new academic session, fry out all your worries, learn new things, bury up all your tension and enjoy it to the max of the limit. Smoke ‘em all.

Once again, thanks to our chief guest, Principal Sir, respected teachers, and dear friends. Thank you.

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