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Stilted Phrases And Expressions

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Often hackneyed phrases spoil the expression and clearness. Avoid the tendency to be rigid to set vocabulary, because this will make your expression completely borrowed; and it will lack originality. Only by vitalising your expression with real thinking and adequate and exact language can you arouse interest and alert understanding.

Sample Usage

Examples of Stilted Phrases And Expressions:

1) In so far as: It is better to say, “so far as" or “in that".

2) Acknowledge receipt: It is better to say “we acknowledge the receipt".

3) You are informed that: It is a very harsh tone. It is better to say, “we are glad to inform you".

4) As per copy: Avoid this expression and simply say “we have enclosed a copy" or “please find a copy".

5) We have before us your letter: Instead of that, we can straight away say, “your letter is received".

6) By return mail: Avoid this expression, and, replace it by ‘as quickly as possible' or ‘as quickly as you can'.

7) Do not think: Instead of writing ‘I do not think, this could be done' say “I think this could not be done".

8) Via: Via should be used only to convey the sense whether it is being sent by rail, by road, or otherwise to indicate the passage. It is, therefore, correct to say “The article will be sent by parcel post".

9) Equally as well: It is a wrong expression and the correct form is ‘equally well'.

10) Together with: The word ‘with' is superfluous. It is incorrect to say, “your statement together with the cancelled cheques is enclosed". The correct expression is, “your statement with the cancelled cheque is enclosed".

11) Meet with your approval: Meet with is a clumsy phrase. It can be replaced by “If you approve our proposal".

12) Trust: The word should be used only in the sense of ‘trust'. You can straight away say “we believe".

13) Our record shows: It is not a happy expression, instead of it you say “we found".

14) Thank you in advance: It is redundant because it implies much obligation on the reader. It is, therefore, better to say “I would appreciate you doing this".

15) Per day, per year: Avoid this Latin expression and instead of that use ‘a' ‘each' ‘every'.

16) Such: It is a very formal expression. Instead of saying “If such is the case" you should say “If that is the case".

17) Relative to: The correct expression is, ‘relating to', ‘pertaining to' or ‘about'.

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