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Bring in Many Forms

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Bring is one of the commonest phrasal verbs or group verbs. When bring is used with no preposition after it, it means to fetch something. However, different prepositions come after bring to denote different meanings. The most common of them are:

Bring about is to cause to happen. It is the causative of come about. The same meaning is also expressed by the phrase bring to pass, which is the causative of come to pass. The phrase bring about often implies skillful planning and arranging.

Bring forward is to produce, or to introduce to notice; it also means to cause to advance.

Bring in is to collect. It also means to produce as a result of a sale or something like that.

Bring off is to convey away. It also means to rescue and to achieve success.

Bring on is to cause to begin. An action at law can be brought on. Something sometimes brings on diseases. Also, the phrase is used to mean to originate, or to induce.

Bring out is to expose something by unveiling it publicly. This phrase is also used to mean publications of books, journal, magazines and the like.

Bring over is to convey across a river or a vast road or something like that. This also means to persuade to change sides.

Bring up is to foster a child, an animal cub, an institution, an organization and so on.

Sample Usage

Bring about
Bring about a reconciliation.
The governments of both the countries tried to bring about peace after long war.

Bring forward
The timely rain this year is expected to bring forward good crops.
The proposal I brought forward was accepted.

Bring in
Bring in the taxes within 31st May.
The auction is likely to bring in a handsome cash.

Bring off
The lifeboat brought off the boarders of the sinking ship.
I must bring off the deal.

Bring on
Dirts brings on diseases.
Pain often brings on delirium.

Bring out
The causes of the accident will soon be brought out.
Bring out whatever you think.

Bring over
Bring over the passengers across the river.
Our club succeeded to bring over the star striker of our rivals.

Bring up
My parents brought me up well.
Since she is orphan, it is your duty to bring her up.

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