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How to Write an Essay.

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Essay writing is a unique art and a good essay should have a good structure with persuasive examples. It is important to know how to write an essay. The points should be conveyed in paragraphs with suitable evidence. I would like to explain the proper way of writing an impressive one.

You should never begin an essay with an introductory statement.

Let us consider the following matter for an essay as an example: Some people believe that homework is not at all necessary for school children. Do you agree or disagree ? Discuss.

While beginning the essay, there should be an introduction. Here, the subject is related to homework. Therefore, the introductory statement should be on homework in general. Begin the essay in the following manner:

Schools give homework to students to find out whether they have understood the lessons taught in school in a correct manner. In fact, it is a kind of a revision for the students. Therefore, some people believe that giving homework is necessary. I strongly support the argument. (remember to express your views in the introduction itself)

Please note: Don't write introduction of an essay and underline it as an essay should not have any subheadings.

Thesis paragraphs:(Main body of the essay) After writing the introduction, organize the points in a rough paper before starting to write. Think about three points in favor of homework.

For instance:

Point 1: Help students understand the subject better.
Point 2. It is a kind of a revision.

Point 3 When they do it, they study the lesson repeatedly for perfection. By doing so the subject will remain recorded in their memory.

After organizing the points, develop the ideas and put each point in different paragraphs.

Now, let us do point one.


when students do homework taught at school, they repeat what has been taught and by doing so they will understand the subject in a better way.

Give a good example:After writing the point, you have to give an example related to the point

Give the example as below:

For instance, if the teacher teaches some sums in Mathematics with examples and gives the students some homework related to what he had taught, the students will try to apply the same examples while doing similar sums. When they do this, they will surely understand the theories better.

Follow the same pattern for the remaining points.

After you have supported the statement with an example, attack the other side. While doing so, use the transitional words such as on the contrary, however, but.

Here is how you should put it forward:

However, if no homework is given the students won't have an opportunity to recollect what they had learnt in school . I think this will hinder their progress in studies
After writing the three points in three paragraphs, it is time for the conclusion.

Conclusion: Conclusion is nothing but expressing the same view which you had pointed out in the beginning. Never add any new point in the conclusion and keep it short.

Now the conclusion will look like this
In conclusion (or to conclude) ,I personally feel that by doing homework regularly , students happen to benefit in many ways. Therefore ,schools should continue giving assignments to students.

Important: Don't write conclusion and underline it.

Sample Usage

Important: When writing essays, please remember to write simple, compound and complex sentences so that it won't seem to be monotonous. Also, use the transition words such as therefore, so, thus, similarly, in addition, however, on the contrary.

Use: not only......but also, both ..... and , so.....that, neither......nor, either.....or.

Also use some idioms and phrases.

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