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Difference between "Sometime", "Sometimes" and "Some time"

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Sometime: Sometime is often used to mean "one day". It refers to an unspecified period of time in the future or the past.

Example: I told him that I would meet him sometime next week.

'Sometime' can also be used with people. When you refer to someone as a "sometime President", what you mean is that the individual held the position of a President in the past.

Sometimes: Sometimes means "occasionally" or "once in a while".

Example: The girls sometimes go to their favourite restaurant for butter chicken.

Some time: Some time means "a span of time".

Example: Take out some time from your busy schedule and take the family for an outing.

Sample Usage

1. I told him to fix a meeting sometime next week.
2. Come over to our house sometime.
3. The sometime CEO of ABC Technologies was arrested by the police.

1. I sometimes take the canvas and the colours and start painting.
2. He sometimes sings gazals that touches my heart.
3. I play violin sometimes.

Some time
1. I am sure it will take us some time to find a replacement for the lost part.
2. We must take out some time for elderly.
3. The manager said, "Manage some time and finish this review by end of the day."

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