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Similar Sounding Confusing Words: Allude and Elude

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The words allude and elude sound similar, but are pronounced differently. The word allude should be uttered with an emphasis on the 'a', while the word elude has emphasis on 'e'. Both the words also have different meanings.

1. Allude is used when you wish to refer to somebody or to something in an indirect way.

2. Elude is a verb.
Meanings: escape; avoid; evade; get away from; dodge

Sample Usage

Examples of Allude
1. The philosophy Professor often alluded to Plato's The Republic while teaching.

2. It is better not to allude to a past incident as it needlessly spoils the relationship.

3. At the seminar, the film critic pointed out that it was not necessary to allude to the deceased director's works as this was not related to the subject under discussion at all.

Examples of Elude
1. To elude the posse of policemen, the thief cleverly hid in the large drum at the roadside.

2. The soldier eluded the enemy's gunfire by crawling through the field on hands and knees.

3. One must elude friends who spend too much time on gambling.

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