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Similar Sounding Confused Words: Are and Our

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The words are and our sound very similar and hence are usually not only pronounced in an incorrect manner, but are also used wrongly in written text.

While pronouncing the word are you must say it the same way as the letter 'r; but for the word our you must say it just as you would the word hour (with the 'h; silent).

1. The word are is basically a form of the verb to be, which means to exist, be present, be situated, etc. It is always used in conjunction with you, they and we.

2. The word our is a pronoun which means to belong to us.

Sample Usage

Examples of Are
1. “You are not going to the party!" Malini's mother shouted.

2. Swati was delighted when her father informed her, “We are going on a trip to Bannergatta National Park tomorrow".

3. Regarding the trainee engineers, the boss told the Supervisor “They are not going on site till they understand the basic project guidelines. You must give them a thorough briefing."

Examples of Our
1. The coach confidently told the team manager, “Our players are ready for the international competition".

2. “Our Dobermans will sniff out the murderer" assured the police diog-handler.

3. The bakery assistant excitedly told the shop owner, “Our chocolate muffins are the fastest-selling items!"

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