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Similar Sounding Confused Words: Faze and Phase

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The words Faze and Phase are pronounced in the same manner due to the fact that the letters 'ph' are pronounced as 'f'. However, although they are similar-sounding words, they have entirely different meanings and should not be confused in everyday English.

1. Faze is a verb, but is not generally used in a formal letter as it is actually considered as a sort of slang word.
Meanings of faze: deter; put off; throw; take aback; shock; surprise; disconcert. Antonym: encourage.

2. Phase is a noun.
Meanings: stage; point; time period; segment; part; chapter.

Sample Usage

Examples of Faze
1. Vandana was unfazed by the fact that the points of the ISC membership levels were suddenly increased and was determined to nevertheless reach Platinum level.

2. Soldiers are trained to be alert and prepared for the unexpected and not to be fazed by a sudden attack.

3. The camp leader, unlike the others, was not startled by the sudden appearance of the bear. Unfazed, he calmly told the others to keep still and quiet as he realised the bear was not ferocious and was likely to go away soon.

Examples of Phase
1. Mr. Karmarkar migrated to Karnataka and started a new phase in his life with a business venture of his own.

2. After attending monthly sessions of the Alcoholics Anonymous Program, Mahendra was completely cured and started a new phase in his life.

3. The project was well in into its final phase and it was inadvisable to make needless last minute changes.

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