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Similar Sounding Confused Words: Than and Then

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The difference between Than and Then is vast, yet these words are often confused. This is mainly because the words than and then are separated by the middle letter only. Hence, there is very often incorrect application of the words than and then in everyday English conversation & text.

1. The word than is used when you are comparing two objects, people or places.

2. The word then is an adverb. It is used to refer to a specific point in time.
Meanings: after that; next; afterwards; subsequently; at that time; at that moment; in that case; therefore; it follows that.

Sample Usage

Examples of Than:
1. Considering the fact that Tarini had got fewer marks in her Xth exams, she had at least got admission to the vocational college; it was better than not getting admission anywhere at all.

2. The tomato soup was tastier in the restaurant where they had dined yesterday than the one they were just served.

3. Some cash credits for the article was better than nothing!

Examples of Then
1. The Professor instructed the students to answer the essay-type section first and then attempt the multiple choice questions, as the latter could be answered in a short time.

2. Mohini's mother told her, "First go to the market and buy the fruits. Then you can go the library."

3. Paresh tried out the blue shirt and then the other ones before making his final selection.

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