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  • How to lead a peaceful life after marriage?

    Please give some tips to lead peaceful life after marriage.
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  • For peaceful life here are some tips...

    1. Throw your ego's
    2. Understand each other for ever
    3. Don't lose your temper if one does mistake
    4. Forgive in nature
    5. Sacrifice each other
    6. Don't suspect about other
    7. Keep friendly relationship
    8. Adjust with his parents

    if these are followed definitely you will leave a peaceful life after marriage.

    Best regards,

    "Someone who cant accept you at your worst.., has no rights to be with you at your best..!

  • 1. Well Balanced personal and professional life. Find some quality time for your family.
    2.Understand our own mistakes and forgive other's mistake.
    3.Understand your in-laws.
    4. If your partner have doubt on you, You should have enough patience to explain your part.

  • Peaceful life after marriage
    is possible if the husband and wife
    gets up to their expectations.
    Emotional and sensual aspects has big role.

    A wife is normally expecting the following
    from her husband.

    Moral support

    These are the things a husband expects from his wife.

    Sweet behavior

    Other thing are also
    contributes a lot.

    Good food
    Caring parents and relatives
    Money sense
    Care for child
    Sociability etc
    Understanding and resolving family problems

  • Hey,

    Well to live a peacefull life after marriage:

    1. Respect the needs and the religion of your partner.

    2. Never try to dominate him/her

    3. Go for a dinner or a movie or where you feel like atleast once in a week. This maintains the love and romance in life.

    4. If you have kids then your responsiblity will be increased and this is very cruicial in relationship that you spend time as much as possible together with kids.

    5. Sorry is the best way to overcome any difficulty to maintain a healthy relationship. Don't think like an egoist , this is very important. Because at that time you are not in any profession, you are responsible for a sweet relationship which you have to maintain and retain for the life time.


  • 1. Love each other
    2. understand each other
    3. forgiveness
    4. Must be loyal
    5. Must be honest to each other
    6. No quarrel
    7. feel free to discuss all the matters.
    9. No illicit relationships
    10.Care each other

    You will be success.

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  • Hi,

    To have a peaceful life after marriage the following few points may be followed

    First we should be frank, if any mistakes or incidents which we had in the past should be told to the other before marriage or atleast immediately after marriage, so that it will make the partner a good impression that partner will not cheat.

    Try to love the partner from heart not from your lips (i.e. just by saying).

    Try to express your feelings as frequently as you can. Love should be expressed.

    Forgiveness is very important.

    Respect each other and respect the relatives of partner.

    Never say bad words on back of the partner about the partner or about relatives of partner.

    Try to praise the good qualities in the partner. Try to forget the bad qualities of the partner.

    Don't forget birthday of the partner and try to surprise them by giving gifts. It needed not be costly, but it should impress the partner.

    Try to encourage the partner in their career.

    Always take advice from the partner.

    Discuss family issues before telling the relatives on any issue.

    Adjust yourself to the partners wish and will.

    Subba Raju, MV
    IIT students Club
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  • A peaceful married life will not require tips. it's a process one should develop over a period which will eventually lead to happiness for both the partners. even the steps followed to live happy married life will change as time grows. Initially you will have to understand your partne'r behaviour and should give him or her time to come to terms withyour habits.
    don't get involve in any relationships outside marriage and give ample time to your partner. do small things which will make her happy which may even include doing grocery shopping and may not neccesarily mean gifting her costly diamonds. of course if you can afford that then nothing like that.
    give your partner the open space one wants. tke her/him to meet their old friends, any odd movie, some outing etc. will do the rick.
    when you will enter parenthood see to it that you share equal responsibility of your child with your partner. handle her difficulties.
    and now in middle of all of this, if there is any misunderstanding or non-compliance of opinions, sit together and discuss your issue instead of blaming each other. i know this is bit difficult but can be mastered if both want to live happily.
    and last but not the least, love each other madly every day like there is no tommorrow.
    and, see that your marriage will be a happy ceremony all your life -time.

  • A peaceful life after marriage is possible when you try to understand your spouse and support him in his way of life. It is usual that people loves to make other people behave the way they like them to. But, this will lead to dis-satisfaction in the mind of other person. So, I would suggest to understand your spouse behaviour better and support him in every possible way. People may call it compromising, but it is actually not. It is the best way to a happy married life.

    Love and care binds two people together. So, your affection to your spouse would certainly drag towards you and will start behaving a similar way. So, try to be ampathetic and behave in a way which make your better half to fall in love with you and start liking you. Good Luck.

  • To make your marriage peaceful and happy too you have to work it on constantly . We indians have a bad habit of taking things granted because marraige or Saat phere is considered to be ever lasting and for not only to this life and for next seven birth .But we hardly think what do we actually deserve to be happy in marriage ?

    To bring peace into the marriage stop expecting more from your spouse . Be it financial matters or romance , play the role of giver .

    Try to build up an understnading nature and discuss matters in a positive tone . Instead of complaining that things are not happening as you wish , ask for suggestion what your spouse would like to do to make things work .

    As you are a man , I would advise you that let your wife feel that she is the one who perfectly match the girl of your imagination . If she works outside make a call to her once daily without reason .If she stays at home than to call her to say that you miss her . This will not take so much time .Just make it short and sweet .

    If she stays at home don't take her service for granted . Help her at household chores . I am not asking you to swipe floors or cook dinner every night , the fact that you are willing to help will hake her happy , and she will not feel the burden of housework .

    Even if you think that you can handle and decide all financial matters , ask for her suggestion , this way she will keep herself updated and you will find the most trustworthy friend in life as your wife .

    Last but not the least complement your wife .

    Runa N. Borah.

  • Hi friends,

    Some very good suggestions have been given here and I respect all of them.

    Personally, I feel that there are a few things in life which mere theory will not be able to teach. Standard formulae are unfortunately not there for some things in life. One actually has to go through the entire experience to reach any conclusions or make judgments. A perfect example would be that you cannot learn the art of swimming perfectly until and unless you get inside the water!

    Countless books have been written on successful marriages till date but it is evident to all that the number of failing marriages is also increasing by the day. This only proves that no matter how much you read and learn and ask people, ultimately it is up to you to make your marriage peaceful, successful and happy.

    I fully endorse that a few traits and qualities are absolutely essential for any marriage to work. But then it is also true that you have to have those inner qualities for any relationship to work and not only marriage. Tolerance, patience, compassion, understanding, commitment ability to compromise etc. will definitely help in making all relationships work.

    All of these are generic ingredients but you as an individual will have to figure out what works best for you. It may be something that is not listed anywhere. Every couple and individual is different and so is each relationship. What works for one may not be right for the other.

    You have to yourself arrive at the right mix and balance and blend of all emotions to make your marriage peaceful, happy and successful

    Best regards

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