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    Insurance is the Subject matter of Solicitation. What is the meaning?

    You can find this sentence in many ads.
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  • "Insurance is the Subject matter of Solicitation"

    "Insurance is a Subject Matter of Asking for it"

    It simply means that Insurance policies should not be SOLD but it has to be willingly accepted and solicitated.

    SOLICITATION- It means "Asking for".

    We should "Ask for" our own Need rather than accepting it by compulsion.

    In brief,one should not blindly follow the Standard Information given by the company on its Web terms and other media but we should tailor make our policy by sitting and discussing with our agent according to our own requirement.

    As a consumer we should,

    1.Frame our own need.
    2.Plan the solution.
    3.Meet a trained Financial Adviser.
    4.Select the exact solution and finalise it.

    Insurance can always be supplied only on demand and not on compulsion.

    But instead in our country we are not solicitated(i.e we dont go and ask them for a policy for our own need instead we are approached for it).

  • hi
    Very interesting line that you have quoted.It is a matter of fact that we have to take the policy for our own interest but due to lack of knowledge and competition in the insurance sectors the word solicitation has arrived to motivate us to take a particular policy of a particular company.
    Under the situation I think it refers to an advertisement through a person named Agent of Advisers as the cases may be to motivate a person to take a policy knowing the actual benefits from this.
    At present all the insurance companies are trying their best through advertisement in different channel and in person for selling their product but one should be very serious while selecting a product for his or his family.

  • Thank you for sharing the information.

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