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    How to control from knee pain

    My grandma is suffering from Ortho problem in her knees and her age is 60+, she can't walk more distance. What medicines and exercise could she take?
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  • Osteoarthritis is the commonest problem in this age group and also in postmenopausal women the osteoporosis adds to it.
    I m glad that u asked for exercise solution to it coz now a days people only want medicines.
    She should regularly walk atleast for half an hour and using a walking cane or a tripod to avoid imbalance during walking.
    Secondly she should do knee mobilisation exercises like bending and straightening while sitting.
    Also she should do quadriceps exercises.
    These exercises can once be learnt from a physiotherapist and than followed at home.
    She should also take SWD (Short wave diathermy).
    Medicines should include Diacerin tablet once a day and a calcium supplement.
    If arthritis is severe or pan compartmental will not respond to the above treatment and will need surgery for the same.
    Start with this and make her feel better.

  • Hai

    1. Acupuncture may help relive your knee pain, causing only minor discomfort at worst. This ancient technique has been shown to be effective at relieving pain, so it is a good option even if you do fancy the thought of needles.

    Acupuncture needles are thinner than medical needles, so the "pinch" of puncture is far less. When you look for an acupuncture office, look for a clean facility, a knowledgeable acupuncturist, and favorable reviews or personal recommendations. Be sure that the needles used are pre-sterilized in packs and properly disposed of after use.

    2. Massage can be a great way to relieve pain and pressure on your knee joints, particularly if the pain is caused wholly or in part by tight muscles. A professional massage targeted at the painful locations can have the best effect, but you can get some relief on your own at home with self-massage.

    With one hand above your knee on your leg and one below, massage gently upward with your top hand. Use your palm to press the muscles into the bone, then lift them up with a gentle pinching motion. If this technique isn't adequate, use your fingertips to knead deeply in a circle around the knee.

    3. Emu oil is not an option for vegans because it is derived from emu fat; however, it is purported to have great restorative properties, and can relieve even extreme arthritis pain with regular use. Use emu oil poured into your hand to relieve knee pain by rubbing it gently into the affected area daily.

    You can also use the oil to conduct your knee massage, possibly increasing the effectiveness of both techniques. Emu oil boosts blood flow to promote healing, and also helps reduce inflammation to give you some relief from even chronic knee pain.


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