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    How to trace my lost mobile

    my mobile has lost on 23/06/2209 @ 1.45 pm THE imei nO. is. 356857024694658 pl help to trace out the same
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    As a customers we will not get the information of your phone you should give a complaint to the police station with the original bill of your mobile phone and get some xerox copies of your bill. They will get the information of your mobile phone from the operators. Your mobile phones IMEI number is reflected if someone uses it with any active SIM card then the operator get the details of the customer from their SIM proof and they submit it to police with the current location where the phone is using this they can track the phone.
    Regards,Ranganathan Gold member of ISC

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    Lost your mobile phone? Not to worry. Your cell phone operator or the police can help you find it if only you can give them the IMEI number.

    The IMEI (international mobile equipment identity) is your handset's fingerprint that helps track down your lost phone.

    Here's how you can find the IMEI number of your cell phone: Just punch in *#06#, and the phone will display a 15-digit number. Note this number.

    The IMEI number gets logged on to the SIM card and a cellular operator can locate the area from where a call is made.

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    'Mobile Traker' enabled mobile phones can only be traced. This feature is available with Samsung, LG, Simoco, Gee Pee. Though you need to activate your 'Mobile Traker' option by giving a mobile number first. Then only, whenever a New SIM is being inserted, A automatic SMS will get delivered to the number you set prior. By this process you can trace the person, who is using your mobile.
    And, no other Brand having the facility. I have also lost y Motorola mobile (which don't have that feature) & now I decided to buy only SAMSUNG mobile in future.
    *Note: Only VIP person can trace their lost mobile with the Legal Help. Common citizens can't.


    Anindya (Andy)

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    One more suggestion.

    i faced the same problem and in my experiance i am suggesting few things...

    If your is in working condition means ringing or the person who has taken your phone disconnection the call or he is making some other calls from your mobile, then you some chances of finding.

    1) Give a complaint to police station with IMEI(Police people will take complaint, if the mobile phone is lost within the police cover area) and get the copy of police complaint attested by the police station.
    2) Then take that copy of compliant to your mobile Service provider like Idea, Aircel, Airtel... and tell your problem showng the complaint letter and mention the date from when you have losed the mobile.
    3) The service provider can take all the incoming and outgoing number over the period of time in that mobile and will give it to you, with that you can trace by calling the those persons and the details about the person who has taken the mobile and catch him.(If want get the help from police since you have given the complaint).

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    First of all let me tell you one thing, you need a lot of luck to get it back. There are number of things you should do

    1. Try calling your number, if the guy who has got the mobile is kind enough he may return it to you.
    If its saying switched off then you should worry
    2. Inform the nearest police station and file a complaint with your IMIE number
    3. Go to your mobile service providers office and deactivate the old sim and get a duplicate of the same. They may charge you a few rupees for that
    4. A simple police complaint is not enough as they wont do anything good. So go to cyber crime cell and file a complaint there too.
    5.Police can track the mobile if someone puts a sim card in it as it shows the imie through network.

    But if the theif is tricky enough he wont switch it on until reprogramming it and changing the imie.
    Once IMIE is changed you have less than 1% chances of getting it back.

    So pray to god the guy who has taken your mobile is fool enough to switch it on.


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    Hello friend,

    Don't mistake me. once we lost we cant get it back. because its an mobile phones.

    so better we need to be very careful..

    Even for me i lost my sony mobile worth 10,000. but i gave compliant in police station ... but there is no use.

    Now am using 1000rs nokia mobile.. even if this one is lost i should not worry that much because its worth is very less yaar.

    Dont give up.. hope for the best... we will get it soon.... dont worry yaar.... am also praying god to get my mobile back....
    now i will also pray for you too..... :-)

    Warm Regards

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    Hello Friend

    As we can read in the above answers, you can give the police complaint to mobile service providers and they will trace the phone.
    What you think?
    You will go to an Mobile Company's Office and they will do everything for you. It is not possible man. They can only block your Sim and provide you a new sim with same number. Nothing more you get from them.
    But there is a way if you want to trace the handset and the company will do this work for you. Firstly you need a copy of your FIR and Mobile purchase bills at which the IMEI Number is written.
    Then go to the D.S.P. office of your area. D.S.P. has the power to order mobile service providers to trace your handset with the use of IMEI number. They will ready a letter duly signed by DSP and send the letters in favor of Chairman of mobile service providing company and order them to trace your mobile.
    Remember Mobile service providers inform only in the police station, if they traced your handset. They never tell the person personally about this. And they can trace your handset only in their circle i.e. in a State Circle, if your handset is not in running in same state then there is no way to trace it.

    With Regards

    Ajay Kumar

    With Regards

    Ajay Kumar

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    I agree with Raja. Even I had lost my expensive mobile and contacted the manufacturer as well as the service provider to block it from further usage. But the reply I got from both was that such as technology to trace & block the phone is not available in India yet. In my view we have to be extremely careful about the mobile phone; once lost we may not get it back.

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    Hello Murlidhar

    I agree with you. It is difficult to find a lost cell, but before sometime i lost my HTC PDA3400i in Pune and i do the complete process in DSP office and they send the letters to mobile companies and luckily the company traced my cell and i got it back after Police verification.

    With Regards

    Ajay Kumar

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    Call up the "Customer Care" helpline and ask them to deactivate the SIM. Submit them the IMEI number of your phone The service provider can pass on the information to the police. and they can trace the user through the SIM card.

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    You can give IMEI no. and original bill to the police and with the help of this they track your mobile. But IMEI no. is necessary.

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    Follow the following steps to trace ur lost mobile.

    1.Lodge a police complaint immediately
    2.Call ur operator and ask to block ur sim card to avoid any further misuse.
    3.Carry all ur documents and IMEI number while going to police station.
    4.If ur card is used before blocking then the call can b traced by the operator and police.
    5.If the person who found ur mobile is honest ur lucky to get it back but in my case i had a talk with the person who found my mobile and he promised me to return it back so i was waiting for him at the place v decided to meet but he did not turn up and after that my cell allways came switched off.

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    Here is an interesting fact to share.. Now a days each one of us carry Hi Fi Mobile devices and always fear that it may be stolen.

    Each mobile carries a unique IMEI i.e International Mobile Identity
    No which can be used to track your mobile anywhere in the world.
    This is how it works!!!!!!

    1. Dial *#06# from your mobile.

    2.Your mobile shows a unique 15 digit.

    3.Note down this no anywhere but except your mobile as this is the number which will help trace your mobile in case of a theft.

    4.Once stolen you just have to mail this 15 digit IMEI no. to

    5.No need to go to police.

    6.Your Mobile will be traced within next 24 hrs via a complex system of GPRS and internet..

    7.You will find where your hand set is being operated even in case your number is being changed.

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