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    How to improve eyesight

    Please give me some tips to improve my eyesight
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  • To improve your eye sight you can follow these things.

    1. Eat lots of vitamin A rich foods.
    2. Vitamin A is found in carrot, milk, green and yellow vegetables, fish, code liver oil, egg etc.
    3. Add lots of carrot to your diet.
    4. You can also bring the habit of drinking carrot juice daily.
    5. Eat atleast a egg daily.
    6. Eat lots of green leafy vegetables.
    7. If you are studying in late night or in early morning then study in sufficient light.
    8. Don't watch television by sitting very near to it.
    9. Don't sit for a long time in front of the system.
    10. While you are working in the system try to blink(closing and opening your eyes) eyes as frequently as possible.
    11. If you are using power glasses then use it while studying, watching tv, working in the system etc. Don't avoid using glasses.
    12. Don't read books or newspapers during your travel.
    13. There are some eye exercises in yoga so you can go for doing it.

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  • hi Lucky kumar

    You want to know about tips for improving eye sight

    1.The diet should include vegetables and fruits that are green, yellow and red. Increasing the consumption of Vitamin A is important for improving eyesight. Also foods such as spinach, milk cream, fresh milk, butter, tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, cabbage, dates, soya beans, blueberries and oranges are the best source of vitamin A.

    2.Vegetables like carrot , palak .

    3.Fruits like orange , mango.

    4. vitamin A tablets.
    exercise for improving eyesight

    1.Eye stretching exercise - Close both eyes shut and then open them suddenly.

    2.focus on one thing like pencil in hand and move them.

    3.Sun bathing is good for your eyes.

  • My suggestion to improve eye sights.. *eat fresh vegetables *don't see TV,computer,or mobile for while long time *don't see harm things like sun light, welding , crackers, etc. Note: i'm didn't follow any of these. But i hav good eye sight. But in my home, all r using eye glass. Better u ask any doctor . Everything in this world but only wit our eyes we can see it. So, take care on ur eyes. " please, donate ur eyes to blind people after ur dead " by dinesh.


  • Hello,
    First you have to eat vitamin A contains foods Like Green leafs Like araikeerai, Puthinakeerai etc.You take fresh vegetables like carrot,beans etc.wash your eyes softly when you clean your eyes. don't push or shake your eyes if dust in eyes. always use cold water for washing eyes. Take oil bath per week. Don't watch TV, Computers for a long time. When you see a thing sharply give one or two minutes gap per 15 seconds. have a boiled egg per dishes is also good for eye sight. take Surya namaskaram daily.check your eyes twice per year with a eye specialist. Take any kind of fruits daily.

  • Hi
    Use doctor's prescribed lenses regularly and always use green vegetables in your meals.
    Also you should use all the vegetables as well as other food which may have rich of Vitamin C. Each & eavery quarter you should go to ENT specialist and test your eyes and as per their advise try to reduce the power of your lense you are using. it will give you better response.

  • if u want to improve your eye sight means daily you can see the sun in the early morning

  • there are some of the eye exercise which you can perform sitting at home itself.early in the morning looking to the green grass is really beneficial for the eyes.also adding green vegetables in your diet is good for your eye sight.maintain these routines and you'll really see a change ...

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