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    Whats the difference between Cantonment and Municipality

    In Secunderabad both exist. May i know whats the difference.

    K Mohan
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  • Dear K.Mohan Sir,

    I would like to give you a basic difference between cantonment and municipality.
    Cantonment is a area that is under a part of a small area or a village. It handles the communication within the reach of limited housing and solves the issues within a small locality. Nowadays Cantonment Boards have been established under many coorporations that takes care of the needs of the people under a specified region.

    Municipality is a large area that is governed under the Municipal Coorporations. These coorporations divides the cities under small sections that is looked by the contonments. The Municipal Coorporations provide the needed required supply to the Cantonments so that it caters to the needs of the people. The Coorporations also handle the issues which are directly brought up by the cantonments and thus they resolve it within the locality.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Sashwato Chatterjee
    "We Ourselves Make our Own Destiny"

  • The difference between the cantonment and the municipality is:
    Cantonment Area: is normally a village surrounded by the Military or Defence Area. Example: Mount Cantonment Area near Trisulam Internation Airport, Chennai, tamil Nadu. It may or may not have established Municipality.
    Municipality is a place where it is governed by the Corporations. It will not come under the category of City Unit.

  • Hi Mohanji,

    Cantonment is a area where quarter assigned for lodging troops and a permanent military station.


  • Cantonment - A cantonment is essentially a permanent or semi-permanent military quarters. The infrastructure and civic administration of such cantonment areas are governed by a Cantonment Board which falls under the Union Defence Ministry.
    There are 62 cantonment areas in India - Secunderabad* is the largest of these.
    *As per the Cantonment Act 2006 Secunderabad is classed as a Cantonment Area. A major part of Secunderabad and some parts of the Hyderabad city itself come under the jurisdiction of the Secunderabad Cantonment Board due to a large military presence, existing right from the days of the British.

    Municipality - A municipality is a local government entity which is responsible for the civic administration of a city, town, or village and its population. It is governed by a Municipal Council and its Mayor, who are all elected. It is the legal part of the Central government machinery.

  • A CANTONMENT is a group of buildings or a camp where soldiers live.
    A MUNICIPALITY is a city or town which is governed by its own locally appointed can also refer to a city's or town's local government as a municipality.

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