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    Loss in sleep

    For last fifteen days i have a sleeping problem , I does'nt sleep in day time, nor do i feel sleepy in night hardly i sleep one or two hours between 3 to 5, i have also taken sleeping pils of 0.5 mg but it does'nt works, i have no tensions but as i am a computer teacher some time questions worked in my mind which i am unable to solve i tried to find out the solutions, as i take classed some questions are tedious, i tried my best to sleep but i don't know what happens and due to this i feel tired during day and also some time glidy, can you help me
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  • Hi,

    Yours sounds like a typical case of a computer professional's insomnia if I may call it so. It is a very common occurrence for professionals working in your discipline.

    The main culprits are lack of physical activity coupled with a hyperactive mind. The two basic ingredients for a good sleep are a physically worked out body and a relaxed mind and yours is the exact opposite.

    First and foremost you have to make a forceful and conscious effort to come out of this or else the condition may result in serious implications later on. Sleep deprivation can give rise a host of other problems.You can engage in some self analysis and decide the priorities in your life. "Is it worth it?" is the question you must ask yourself. The power to come out of it is within you. Other measures can only support you.

    Indulging in any kind of physical exercise is an absolute must particularly in your profession and the most potent treatment for you. You may face some inertia initially to begin the routine because your hyperactive mind will deter you from doing so. You have to forcefully set some time aside for may be for a brisk walk or any other mode of workout.

    Sometimes it so happens that even while walking the mind does not relax and is still continuously engaged in the thought process. The best thing would be listening to some music while walking. It would divert your mind. It should be a brisk walk of at least twenty minutes and not just a stroll.

    Yoga and meditation are long term solutions and may not help you immediately but there is absolutely no harm in doing some deep breathing exercises at bed time. You will gradually learn to enjoy their relaxing effects and fall into a habit of doing so.

    Try drinking a glass of hot milk to which a pinch of turmeric and a teaspoon of honey has been added. It is very good for relieving anxieties and tensions.

    Insert your feet in a bucket of warm water to which 2 teaspoons of Epsom salt has been added at bedtime. It is also a very effective relaxing technique.

    Chamomile tea also helps in relaxing the mind.

    Increase your intake of Vitamin C and Calcium both of which will help you cope with your anxieties.

    Taking sleeping pills is not the solution at all. You can take them once in a while initially but they would also not produce the desired result if taken daily or frequently. Take the pill preferably at about 8 p.m. because it takes 2 to 3 hours to take effect.

    In spite of all the above measures you have to learn to relax and consciously empty your mind before you go to sleep.

  • Hi,

    The medical term of the problem that u have is known as INSOMNIA . This is a very common disease found in IT professionals or people of your discipline.

    Main causes for the same can be as follows :

    1) Less physical activity leading to hypertension.
    2) Thoughts that arose prior sleep.

    Solutions to the above said problem can be :

    1) Make efforts and try hard to sleep and concentrate more on your sleep rather than the thoughts that arose when you are about to sleep.
    2) Please indulge yourself into physical activity which in result will make your body tiered and you would feel like taking rest and eventually sleeping.
    3) Involve in reading some books or anything that would help you in distracting from your thoughts that restricts your sleep.
    4) Do yoga and breathing exercises.

    Please stop taking pills as they are not at all solution to your problem, just be natural and try to distract your mind and sleep peacefully.

  • Hello Friend,

    Mostly, one is unable to have comfortable sleep when there are lots of worries or tensions going on in the mind. When we sleep, these worries keep on revolving in our mind, causing anxiety and doesn't let us sleep. Often we try to find solutions to them while sleeping. We try to avoid them but even then, the come again and again. That happens with me too during the exam days when I am muddled up with various chapters and questions.

    If you are facing that problem since 15 days as you have mentioned, then it is just a temporary problem and primarily caused due to your work and tensions. I would suggest you to meditate in silent room for half an hour. Please, do not make use sleeping pills as they are not good and one becomes addicted to them after some time. While sleeping try to read some story book or newspaper (not with much attention). Slowly you will feel sleepy. Moreover, don't let these tensions overpower you, consider these worries as a part of life which will soon get away.

    "By silence I conceal my imperfections and come to know others."

    Rohit Mian.

  • Dear Friend,

    As already our other friends has put enough light on the issue of Insomnia, which means lack of sleep or sleep disorder. I was having the same problem. When I consulted my doctor. I found that most of the time Insomnia is due Anxiety Neurosis. It is a problem where you easily get affected by any of the incidence around you and then you keep thinking about it. This becomes more intense when you go to bed because at that time your mind have a lot of time to think on that issue.

    My doctor suggested me few simple things:

    1) Take a break from your daily routine job.
    2) Do meditation and join some yoga classes.
    3) Don't push yourself to sleep immediately after going to bed.
    4) Read some newspaper or old magazines. Avoid reading Novels because it may lead to generating your interest in it.

    It has helped me a lot. I hope the same results for you.

    Bishal Diyali

  • Yes I totally agree with you because I have also faced the similar situation when I was studying computers. According to me it is not a disease which is called Imsomnia. It is the anxiety that you are facing every time you are challenged with a complicated question. You cannot continue this way and it will only spoil your health. There are few tips which will help you overcome this issue.

    There are some dont's before going to bed.

    - Never recollect the question which is asked in your class.

    - No tea or coffee to be comsumed.

    - Avoid watching TV or reading books which will create anxiety.

    - Try and relax on bed and pray before bed.

    - Yoga will help.

    - Don't think you are not getting sleep. Relax. Don't strain.

    - Try to get sleep naturally and avoid sleeping pills.

    Try these tips which will help you getting sleep back.

  • Hi friend,
    Your problem is that you can't sleep more than 2 to 3 hours. The reason being for that you might have suffer from Insomnia.
    INSOMNIA is the inability to sleep or abnormal wakefulness. It is the most common sleep disorder. It occurs due to systemic illness or mental conditions such as psychiatric problems, alcoholic addiction and drug addiction. It is also occurs due to the obesity, myxedema, enlargment of tonsil and lesion in brainstem. The common features of this syndrome is loud snoring, restless movement, nocturnal insomnia, daytime sleepiness, morning headache and fatigue.

    With Regards,
    Hiren Patel.

  • Taking sleeping pills is not the solution to this problem .there is a time for everything a time to work, a time to sleep and a time to spend on yourself and family. So this habit should be developed in this stage of life rather than in the later phase.
    Some tips that I can give you are as follows:-

    1) Anxiety can lead to depression. Please avoid it.
    2) Just thinking about work can cause boredom. If you have question which you are not able to solve, take your time and solve it in weekend.
    3) If you don't give proper time to sleep your health will deteriorate and this will have bad consequences.
    I hope these tips are helpful..

  • You are so workaholic. You need more relaxation. You have to analyze what happened in last fifteen days to you? If you want to forget anything or you are neglect by your close relatives.
    Are you want to suppress your emotions so only you divert your feelings to your subjects?
    Is the tablet ( alprazolam) 0.5 you take is prescribed one or not? Why I am asking to you is, If it is prescribed one the doctor who analyse your problem.
    Take your night food(dinner) before 8.30 pm which is high in carbohydrate like rice,( idiyappam,aapam) oats, potatoes,bananas, brown bread etc
    Before you going to sleep take hot water bath with some essential oil like lavender oil or sandal soap which means high fragrance is more important.

    Take one or two medium sized shallots and grind it in a mixer with some salt then take this and boiled with a cup of water and drink it. It enhance your sleep.
    Take 4 badams and soak it for about half an hour and grind with kuskus add this in the boiled milk. Finally add a pinch of cardamom. Drink it regularly. Small amount of Kuskus is enough. More importantly being a computer professional don't do any computer/net operations avoid it.

    (Don't give any pressure to your mind that you want to sleep. Instead you can do like this today I don't want to sleep is a reverse therapy for good sleep.)

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