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    Is there any danger in gardening vegetables at home

    I want to plant a garden in my new home!
    It will mainly be vegtable but I may have some other types of plants. I wanted to know if there are any plants that may be dangerous to my two yellow labs?

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  • There is no danger infact gardening vegetables is good thing because it can save you money and also temperature around your house will decrease because of the plants nearby your house .

    Regards,Ranganathan Gold member of ISC

  • As far as I know, there is no danger in gardening vegetables in home. It will help you keep fit, (gardening is a great exercise), you will start living with nature, you will be happy when you see the results of your work, the vegetables and fruits, I mean. More over, if you learn to tend them properly, you will get good yield also.

    I have known people who are earning a small amount from their vegetable garden around their home.


  • Great idea.No harm in gardening at home.It has a lot of advantages:

    1)The vegetables you buy form outside are not good for health because for protecting them from insects farmers use chemicals on them.But you get good natural vegetable from home.

    2)Gardening is a good exercise.It will make a change in your normal life.

    3)Growing trees near your house provides cool air flow.You will feel more cool and energetic.

    4)You can save money by not buying vegetables from market.

    5)Also if you have flowers in your garden then you can sell them for money.Flower business is a very good business.Many people make a living out of it.


  • Hai,

    Growing vegetables gains you much rather than doing harm. The main thing is that you should maintain it in a good way.

  • Dear Nguyen Minh Quang
    as some experts has already advice you so many things I just want to suggest you one more thing this is just not saving money or not a physical exercise but also it helps your mind to stay in peace believe me the benefit you get from yoga the same benefit you get by gardening

  • Gardening provides the benefit of giving more and more fresh vegetables.
    Flowers provides the decorating purpose in your home.
    Maintenance of gardening including bright sale of your products.

  • planting vegetables is not harm,it has lot of advantages:
    1)planting vegetables will give us pleasant air.
    2)It will reduce the pollution.
    3)Planting vegetables by home is more nutrition than buying in market.
    4)It will reduce our money.
    5)It will keep the environment clear.

  • No there is no harm.Infact it can prove to be very beneficial.
    But you should know that these plants will require a lot of care
    and they may be attacked by insects.

    Yours truly,
    Suraj Nayak
    aka Bboy Sun

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  • Gardening means different things to different people. Thousands view gardening as a hobby, a relaxing escape from the pressures of an urban environment. For these people, the food produced may be almost secondary. Growing fresh vegetables, herbs, or fruits provides a great sense of joy and accomplishment. A vegetable garden can also reduce the family's food budget, and it can be a source of hard-to-find vegetables such as kohlrabi, Chinese cabbage, horseradish, salsify, and pak choi. One of the main reasons that people garden is that vegetables from the supermarket cannot compare in taste, quality, or freshness with vegetables grown in the home garden.

    The vegetable garden has traditionally been located in an area separate from other parts of the landscape because it was considered unsightly. With proper planning, however, the garden can be both functional and attractive. Landscape designers today often incorporate the home landscape and ornamental plants such as flowering annuals into the vegetable garden. This gardening philosophy, coupled with our favorable climate, can offer gardening opportunities nearly all year long.

  • Gardening is a good habit and i dont think that we can have harm with gardening , so i recommend you to go ahead with gardening
    Actually gardening will help you to build more amount of green plants , which means that they filter the air for you and make your surrounding free from pollution


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