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    Does there is scope in computer engineering and are there jobs in this fields

    hi sir,
    i m a student of 12 th std just passed and given the engineering entrance exams.
    i have great interest in computer science .i wanna ask a question that does there is scope in comp engg and there is jobs or not ???? plzzz fast tell i m confused ??
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  • Hi
    Firstly i want to tell you that there is a lot of scope in computer engineering.
    Almost every company needs computer engineers. By doing Computer engineering you can work in IT firms also.

    Since you have mentioned you are 12th passed and going to join an engineering college this year it would be nice if you get computer science engineering course in any of the top engineering colleges in India.

    Because after the completion of the course you can get packages as high as 10 lac p.a. as per your overall qualifications.

    It might appear to you that due to recession jobs in computer engineering are on a decrease but this is not the true because India has coped up with the recession and there are lot of jobs in this field. So don't worry.

    If you still have any confusion feel free to post to this thread.

  • Hi

    There is a lot of scope of computer engineering in every department there is computer is necessary

    and you interest in computer so you should do engineering in computer.

    In computer there are many way to learn as we know there is two parts so you can become a hardware, software, networking engineer, web-developer and many more scope

    the placement will be in govt. sector as well as national and international companies are heiring in computer branch candidate

    Rao sandeep

  • Hi!
    There are lot of opportunities booming up again in this field. You can opt for CSE stream without any haste. There are other job opportunities also. So do not hesitate.

  • Hello,

    Computer field is one of the fastest growing sector in India as well as in rest of the world. IT sector is offering a lot of job oppurtunities so it is good if you opt for CSE.

    Further you can see that every department is getting computerised and every store is in need of its own website.So the CSE field will definetely provide you a good job.

    I would suggest you to take admission in NIT's,IIT's or other government colleges because they have the best labs and faculty.I would like to give a piece of advice that after getting admission try to find out your interest in CSE field like programming or networking as soon as possible.

    All the Best

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    Prakash Pandey
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