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    How to improve our personality?

    how to improve our personality?
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  • Dear friend,
    Now, every body is going after personality classes to improve their personality. But I don't think that personality is a quality that we want to attain after a training program. And some other people think that personality is meant just the external features. So that they buy costly dresses, cut their heir properly to improve external appearance. But in my view above all these features, one's character, style of speaking, dealings with friends and strangers, behaviors etc also are the judging factors of his personality.

    So I discuss here some of the very important things that you want to consider to improve your personality.

    1. Show curiosity in others affairs:
    Every body in this world really need others to listen to their affairs. So when ever you meet with some body, give preference to listen to his affairs. That means, shut your mouth and open your ears. It will also fetch you more close hearted relationships as they feel that you are ready to hear them.

    2. Never argue with others in any matter.
    Always be diplomatic. You can never convince your ideas and opinions to others beyond a limit. So it is better to withdraw from the discussion soon after expressing your point of view. It will prompt him to think about the matter later when he become relaxed..

    3. Never forget to admire others if they deserve it:
    If you admire others in suitable situations it will be a recognition for them. They will never forget the admiration they receive and you will be respected for this.

    4. Always keep relationship with them who are successful in life:
    This will help you to learn new points about life, and some new lessons. Ask their advice in the critical time of your life and it will be helpful for you.

    5. Make at least one new friend in every week:
    A large network of friends is a great power for you as a social being. So never miss social gatherings. It will also help you to improve your communication ability.

    6. Learn new things:
    Be updated in every developments happening in the world. Never let others think that you are ignorant about your surroundings. Reading newspapers regularly and reading magazines will help you to be up to date about every changes and happenings.

    7. Always change your routine:
    Your today should never be like your yesterday. For that, plan trips in your holidays and spend time with your family. It will add charm to your over all personality.

    It is not a complete list of points that will improve your personality. But it will really make changes in your personality. You can find the changes in your relationship with others and you can see that your friends are being happy in your presence.

    Wishing you all success,
    Jubairiya P A

    Wishing you all the best,
    Jubairiya P A

  • Hi

    For the increase in personality you have to change in every movement of your life. You have to update yourself about the new things.

    you have to speak politely and wear good clothes and you should change yourself like -
    What you have to wear?
    How you have to speak?
    How you have to handle your responsibility?
    and many more things you have to change......

    Rao sandeep

  • Dear Sandeep,

    That is a very good question asked. Today every thing sells. That means, if efforts are not put in, then we cannot sell anything. This applies to selling oneself also. Let me explain you. Foremost let me take an example of selling luxury cars. Honestly, it is very difficult to sell one becuase not many people buy it. It is considered rare. Simple reason is it is expensive and sold at higher rate because of its features and luxury. In other words, it has more convenience and features than compared with others. It outstands others.

    Similarly, we should also present in such a way that you sell better and at better rate. I mean is to get a good job. for that you need to put in extra efforts. Therefore, some of the silient features what a person should possess is listed below.

    - Get the right education after understanding and identifying the right carrier which suits you better.

    - Wearing the right clothes and always be trim and good looking.

    - Never be shabby at any point of time when you are at public places.

    - Speak at the right time and the right subject. Never involve in some thing which will end up in an argument and no result.

    - Always learn to save the precious. That includes money, people(parents), respect, etc.

    - Be healthy and work out and remain fit. This includes the right intake of food.

    - Be up to date in many matters so that you are not left behind.

    As you start practicing these, automatically, you will get more ideas and improve your personality.

  • Personality development invoves one method of development only.Instead of sraining your mind as to the various ways of developing your personality,concentrate on the on the process below detailed at a short length viz:-

    1.Overturn prevailing perceptions of what is coming since long times,and use other unexpected techniques to shatter your conditioned notions.

    2.Destroy,shatter and kill the cocoon of your ego and conditioning so that you wake up to your Buddha nature.When people hang too tightly or resist they need prodding,,some tickling and some humour too.It may sound mad and hard to you but believe me this thought provoking procedure will enhance your personality four folds.

    3.Be eternally alert and watchful.Treat every moment of your life to be a wake up call.Awaken spiritually.

    4.In silence does everything get commun
    icated.The river when
    watched carefully in complete silence seems never to be speaking to you,or does it do you? Yet you are able to see the colour of water the ways it flows over the rocks just by silent observation.

    5.Train your sightsinwards in silence and watch the way you eat,your thoughts your intentions and so on.

    As you do it for years ,you will be endowed with power that will catapult your personality to a degree ,which shno parallel around all have you.


  • Every Persons desires to improve his or her own personality, so they attending some personality classes and training to become a personality men or women, but will not try to understand the meaning of personality.' Personality is the the quality or condition of being a person' its's not a external appearance.
    Its human nature we judge people with their personality, but don't try to find why that person attracts and what is the good quality make her/him more attractive. Because our mind will think no one is perfect. So the step for improve personality is
    1) Accept the qualities of others.
    2) Self confidence
    3) Mingle with positive thinkers

    Keep in mind all persons have personality and 'personality cannot be quantified'

  • Personality improvement requires development on various fronts and is a continuous process. Our learned members of ISC have already narrated many measures and steps for personality improvement.
    First and foremost is - be a good listener. People patiently listening to others are liked in the society. Only after listening carefully one can give the proper answer or argument.
    Other thing is be logical. Do not jump to conclusions. Do not discuss for the sake of argument rather be constructive and positive.
    Be polite but do not surrender. People should know that you have the firmness of character.
    Try to develop leadership qualities without hurting any individual. Public speaking and presentation skills add very much to the personality.
    In addition to above one has to take care of physical get up that is proper dress, hygiene, mannerism etc so that a complete pleasing personality emerges out.

    Knowledge is power.

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