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    My child is suffering from pain in legs which is increasing

    My son 8 years old, is suffering from pain on the leg as a whole after returning from school. A little exhaustion can cause him to pain in his legs. When I contacted an orpedician regarding, he told me that it is growing pain and no need of further worry.
    I had been with the orthopedician 2 years back and still the pain continues. Can I get any opinion to get rid of his pain? Already, he is taking puffs for asthma. Is the diagnosis of my orthopedician is correct or not?
    Is there any need for me to contact any other medical stream other than allopathy.
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  • If you have this problem since many days, It is necessary to check from doctor that what type of pain it is.

    >> Sameer Ladkat

  • You need to consult another doctor immediately. You can not bring a conclusion that this pain is due to growing of bones.
    There may be some bone or muscle disorders which can only be known by doing x-ray of that leg.
    You will also be relaxed if there is no serious problem. So better to go for a thorough check-up.

  • sir,

    pains may be due to the day's physical activity and massaging helps. also we can consult a paediatrician

  • No guessing should be done in such cases. You should contact a good Doctor and follow his instructions. If needed then go for all the tests which are needed. By proper diagnosis and treatment, your Childs health will be good soon.

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