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    Storage capacity of Pen drive

    How much data can be stored in a pen drive.
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  • HI

    It depends that the what memory pen drive you are using If you are using 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 50GB etc.
    then it stores less some byte of data.

    Rao Sandeep yadav

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  • Hello,

    The pen drives comes in various sized memories. Out of this memory, some bytes are used for formatting or you can say managing data in pen drive. Rest space is available for you to store data.

  • Hi

    Today in market 256 MB, 512 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB and more pen drive available. I recommend 8 GB Pen drive as XP and other earlier Windows OS supports upto 8 GB only.

    You can store data according to the capacity of pen drive you have i.e 1 GB Pendrive will able to store less than 1 GB but you can add 1.5 GB compressed data (1 GB after compression).

    To copy large data more than capacity of Pen Drive you need to compress data using winzip extra compression technology. They way you can copy compressed zip or rar file onto your pen drive.

    While restoring the data you can uncompress the data using winzip. This way you can store more data in pen drive.

  • Hi

    Todays time you can find 256MB, 1GB, 2GB,4GB,8GB and more capacity pen drive in market. It's based upon on your necessary or your support with your window OS.

  • Hello friend,

    In the present time there are so many types of pen drive with several capacities, like 256 MB, 512 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB etc.
    In all type of pen drives there are some sectors that is kept as empty so that it will use at time of formatting, rest of the part we can use.

    As eg:-
    In 1 GB pen drive .88 GB we can use
    In 2 GB pen drive 1.78 GB we can use
    In 4 GB pen drive 3.7 GB we can use

    Like same in other pen drive there are some portion we can't use.

    Thanks & Regards
    Abhay Kumar Verma
    Astt. Design Engineer

  • 'Pen Drives' are usually removable USB flash drives that can be used for storing data for backup and restore purpose. However, its uses are not limited to simply storing media and data files. It can be used for other purposes like 'Ready Boost' technology available in Windows operating system to speed it up in case of low performance computer. These flash drives are available with different size and capacity and may range from mere 256MB to 64GB as of now. However, with the rapid fall in prices of pen drives in the market, availability of lower capacity pen drives ranging from 256MB to 1GB has become more or less extinct. Notable manufactures of such devices are SanDisk, Kingston, etc. the price range of such flash drive ranges from Rs.300.00 for 2GB, Rs.450 for 4GB to Rs.5500.00 for a 64GB unit. There are also another kind of advanced flash drives, commonly known as U3 technology which even allows to run Windows based application from the USB device. It can even host a complete live copy of an Windows based operating system and other components like Antivirus etc. Therefore, the capacity of modern high end pen drives has increased to a great extent and still increasing.

    Chharugh S. Konwar

  • The capacity depends on the model you're intended to buy. Generally pen drive manufacturers specifies a particular memory size on the pen drives, but when connected to a computer it shows much lesser space. This is not a wrong calculation by the computer or it doesn't mean that the manufacturers are trying to cheat you. The actual truth is flash drive manufacturers measure 1KB as 1000bytes 1MB as 1000KB 1GB as 1000MB and so on, but computers measure 1KB as 1024bytes 1Mb as 1024KB 1GB as 1024MB and so on. This might look very small but it make's a huge difference.
    For example by 1GB a pen drive manufacturer mean 1000MBx1000KBx1000bytes = 1000000000bytes
    But for a computer 1GB = 102aMBx1024KBx1024bytes = 1073741824bytes, hence for a computer 1000000000bytes means 953.6743MB = .93132GB and not 1GB(1024MB)

  • hi reader

    now a day various type and company those making pen drives and other peripheral launch higher gb in their size

    kingston 1gb 2gb 4gb 8gb 16gb 32 gb

    transcend 1gb 2gb 4gb 8gb 16gb 32gb

    hp 1gb 2gb 4gb 8gb 16gb 32gb 80gb 120gb

  • Dear Friend,

    On the Basic of your Pen drive Space the files will be stored. To check your file size just select the file and right click and go to properties. In that we saw
    Size on disk : 4.00 KB (4,096 bytes) to know current file Size.

    To check the space of your pen drive just insert the pen drive and go to My computer select the Removable Media and Right click and go to Properties. You can saw a pie chart with Blue with Pink color

    Blue : It Represents the Used space of your Pen drive
    Pink : It Represents the Free space of your Pen drive

    Good Luck!

    S.Muthu Kumar

    S.Muthu Kumar

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  • Hello

    The data storage capacity of a pen drive depends on its memory size
    It can vary from 512 MB to several GB's

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