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    How to reduce my low backache?


    i am Chaitanya and i am slightly overweight .while i was learning swimming my left lower back was cramped. i noticed pain in lower back muscle after swimming. so i stopped my swimming.after one month i am again feeling lower back ache. please suggest me the appropriate exercises and prescription for my lower back ache.
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  • Hello Chaitanya,
    First of all, I would recommend that you must have some medical check-up done. It is very necessary to know the root problem. You may be suffering from the disk problem or some form of cervical problem. However, you can try these simple solutions, which don't have any side effects and will alleviate your pain:

    1. Give your back some hot massage. Ask somebody to rub lukewarm olive oil with soft hand on your back.
    Note: Don't lay much pressure on any nerve, as the wrong pressure can aggravate the condition.

    2. Use heat pad or hot water bottles to provide some heat therapy to your back.

    3. Lie on your back on the hard surface and turn wise lift your each leg without bending your knee. Keep it as long as you can. This exercise is the best to reduce back pain.

    4. Don't sleep on soft mattress. Use hard mattress.

    Read here to have some more information on this:

  • common injury during swimming is
    1. Paraspinal muscle spasm - trapezius muscle
    Treatment requries Hot fomementation, physiotherapy,Volini gel topical application, Tablet. diclofenac 50mg 12th hourly, Tablet. myospaz 4mg 12th hourly, Tablet.Rantac 150mg 12th hourly , rest for 5 days.

    2.Injury to the Lumbar spine/ disc prolapse
    It will also present with pain and paresthesia in the segment below injury. X ray lumbar spine has to be taken and consult with an orthopedician.

    3. Renal calculus may also present with similar feature. Take a X ray KUB in empty stomach and ultrasound abdomen to rule out any calculus.

    Hope i have given the relevant informations.
    Get relief soon.
    Best regards
    Dr. R. kartikueyan

  • Dear Chaitanya,
    I will not advice you take analgesic pills immediately at this juncture. Muscle cramps and injuries during playing may recurr when the whether is bad or cold. Before any playing one need warm up to reduce the risk. As you have said that the begins with your swimming trainning, I guess it may due to faulty procedure of the training session. Avoid that exercise or type of the training which particularly gives you pain but continue with the other.
    Some of the measures that will help lower back pain are given below-
    1.You should undertake aerobic exercises that do not strain the back such as swimming, walking or jogging.
    2.Flexibility and strengthening of muscles: Performing abdominal and back muscle exercises strengthens the muscles and exercises like stretching, yoga, tai chi increase flexibility in the hips and upper legs which results in proper pelvic bone alignment.
    3. Use seatbelt and avoiding diving in to shallow water can help in reducing the risk of lower back pain.
    4. Stand smartly maintaining a neutral pelvic position. People standing for longer periods should alternate placing each foot on a footstool as it results in taking some of the pressure off of the back.
    5. Sit smartly by choosing a seat with good lower back support, arm rest and a swivel base. Place a small pillow behind your back to maintain its normal curve.
    6. Lift smartly by lifting from the knees and not from the back. Keep your back straight while lifting heavy objects. Avoid twisting the back while lifting.
    7. Sleep smartly by sleeping on a medium-firm mattress. Pillows are also helpful if they do not force your neck up at a severe angle.
    About your diet, it should have all necessary nutrients including vitamin D, magnesium and calcium which reduce the risk of osteoporotic fractures and help to stave off arthritis.
    Quit smoking, if you are smoking as it results in diminished oxygen levels in the spinal cord thereby affecting the healing process in case back muscles get strained or injured.
    Try to reduce your weight as overweight puts your back muscles under strain which increases the back pain.
    Above all these simple body mechanism which help to reduce back pain, you should undertake various back pain exercises under the supervision of their physician or a personal trainer to ensure a proper and effective workout program.
    Lastly, you need to be diagnose with a medical practitioners to check any other possibilities which aggrevate your lower back pain.
    "Wish you a speedy recovery".

  • Dear member,
    You can treat back pain by following the simple procedure.
    1. Always sit with back support.
    2. Don't bend your spine for taking any objects instead bend your knees and take it.
    3. Don't ride two wheelers often.
    4. Don't sit near front side seat and back seat in bus. Always sit in the middle seat of the bus.
    5. Don't take over strain. reduce your work.
    6. During sleep avoid hard pillow to your head instead have a folded cloth or any soft pillow.
    7. Reduce strenuous exercises including swimming.
    8.Consult your nearby Physiotherapist for Shortwave diathermy,Intermittent pelvic traction for pain relief.
    9. You can also have heating pad(ask your nearby medical shop for it)at your home.
    10. For detailed exercises refer the following link
    back exercise.

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