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    To prevent hair fall

    Is it safe to use Nuzen hair oil(100% pure ayurvedic)?
    Please reply ASAP.
    your suggestion is very valuable to those who are suffering from hair loss in Present days........
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  • Hi,

    If the quantity of hair loss increases day by day it may be due to vitamin deficiency in your body for which it is advised to consult with one general physician first. There may be other reasons for hair loss such as hereditary, insufficient sleep, mental agony, water pollution, lack of proper hair care and other physical disorder like illness and hormonal imbalance. Regular consumption of sufficient healthy foods with minimum spices and oil may be helpful to prevent hair loss.
    Over and above regular washing, cleaning and drying up of hair will keep the hair roots strong and healthy to prevent hair loss.
    You should be careful to use branded shampoo and conditioner for regular maintenance of hair.
    Before using nuzen hair oil you must get users feed back from internet sites about performance of this oil.

  • Hello

    Don,t expect an hair oil cure your hair loss

    Your hair loss can be due to various reasons like 1.Hard water 2.Dust 3.deficiency of vitamins 4.Tension habits 6.smoking 7.Can be hereditary as well

    The first 6 in the list can be cured by proper medication ,If it is hereditary just let your hair fall there is no option

    You said you are using oil can cure this only if the problem is of external

    The reason for hair fall can also be tension ,it can accelerate your hair fall ,try always to keep calm it can improve your condition lot better

    To prevent hair fall you have t take medicine ,it is better to consult a Ayurveda or homeopathic doctor

    I will advice you to consult a homeopathic doctor .you will have to take medicine for about 4 months ,Even then it is not cured it will be an hereditary problem

    If you have dandruff you can use oils like 1.jaborandi 2.psoraniloil

  • Hello Lalitha

    If you want to use hair oil, firstly you must check the company reputation of the manufacture. There are lot of complaints against Nuzen Hair oil. for this you can visit referred url to see the consumer's view.

    The best remedy for hair loss is mustard oil and henna leaves. You can boil 500ml mustard oil and add 120gm henna leave in boiling oil. Then you can filter the oil using cloth or other way. Then you can store this oil in a bottle. Regular massage will grow new hairs and stop hair fall.

    With best regards

    Dinesh Sood

  • Hi
    Hairs tend to all more in monsoon season. however, if this a problem that remains round the year then it is a matter of consultation.
    I was also suffering with the same problem as yours. SO, I think you should follow the remedies same as mine. Use a good quality shampoo and conditioner. Eat plenty of diet rich in proteins. You can eat sprouts twice in a week as they are very rich in proteins. You can also use Protinex with milk. It is a very good protein supplement available at all leading stores and in many flavorers.
    And above all, keep yourself happy and relaxed. Don't keep any tension in your mind as it also leads to hair fall and many other health disorders.
    Take care.


  • Hai Lalitha,

    I won't recommend Nuzen gold oil to reduce your hair fall.I have heard some complaints against this product. Somebody already filed complaint against the company.

    The company offers good result and generation of new hairs in two months.This product is also costlier than others. Even though it costs 376 for 100 ml,it does not give good results.According to information from an experienced source, only in first week it shows positive results.After that it causes too much hair fall.

    Nowadays mojority of us facing this problem.Hair loosing due to many reasons.Lack of vitamins & healthy foods,overuse of soaps & chemical shampoos,use of particular drugs,mental stress,washing of hair with hot & salty water,using shower are the some reasons.

    You can avoid 90% of them and follow the below tips to prevent hair falling.

    1.Use only fined powder of green gram (moong dal powder)to wash your hair.(it will not be easy like soap or shampoo,but you will feel the changes)

    2. You can use extract of hibiscus to wash hair and rinse with cold water.

    3.Apply herbal oil to scalp and massage for 5 minutes and wash after that.

    4. Take care about sweating. Once scalp is sweat you wait 15 minutes and wash thoroughly.

    5. Do sarvangasana or sirshasanana regularly. It will prevent hair falling.

    6. Do scalp massage at least twice in a week.

    7. Make aloe Vera paste and apply to scalp and massage then wash with vinegar and rinse by cold water or beer.

    8. Have healthy natural food only.

    9. Don’t apply any chemical conditioners , creams, lotions shampoos and soaps.

    10.Be alert to stunning advertisements

    Strength of hair depend upon our health.Only a healthy man can have strong and shiny hair.You can follow above tips to get stronger and healthy hair.
    All the best!!!


  • Hair fall is serious issue which many men are facing. Though women are also prone to this problem, it is not noticed. However, men are the target to this issue and suffer. This issue was discussed earlier also @ ISC many a times. There is no harm is asking the same because the issue is serious. There is no permanent solution to hair fall. However, you may atleast delay the fall by following the below mentioned tips.

    - use soft / chemical less shampoo.

    - Use anti hair fall / anti dandruff shampoo.

    - Wash hair regularly.

    - Use good recommended hair oil.

    - Strain, tension and stress is a good reason in men for this problem, so take care of your other issues wisely.

    - Heredity. Cant avoid. So follow the above to reduce the issue.

    The results may vary person to person. Atleast it will help to resolve the issue.

  • In every woman and man, hairs are the very important of the life. The hair reproduces the scalp places it will some time and cured of the hairfall. Some hairfall medicine and cream are allergic and itching of the head skin places, so it will cure ayurvedic and siddha medincine. In natural ayurvedic process, the scalp places in hair are produce.


    1. Onion is the best medicine to cure all hair problems. In the scalp places onion juice will apply and massage it every day. It reproduces the hair in scalp places to see a 3 week it will produce.
    2. The head and scalp will massage regularly in pure coconut oil with using finger.
    3. With using amla, shikkakai and reetha (kunkudukai) ayurvedic shampoo and mild shampoo to wash hair in 2 times a week to prevent the dandruff and hair fall.
    4. The products will help to increase the blood circulation of the head and scalp.
    5. Camphor with mix with coconut oil to applied daily with head and scalp.
    6. Aloe Vera gel are apply the head and scalp it will cure the hair fall and reproduce the scalp places in hair
    7. Using this shampoo, rusycure shampoo control the reoccurrence of dandruff, seborrhea & psoriasis and prevent the hair fall.
    8. Avoid junk food, tea or coffee with unwanted hot drinks.
    9. Eat good protein and vitamin foods and drink with water 30 minutes of each a day.
    10. In night time to keep a good sleep with grow the hair to prevent the hair fall.
    11. I recommended Herbal Hair oil. This oil applied to the scalp and massage to that the skin of the scalp is wetted. I assured this product of a healthier crown of hair, long and lustrous and sumptuous. It not only makes you feel younger, but also makes you look younger and impressive

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