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    What is difference between "because of " and "due to"

    what is difference between these phrase:-

    because of and due to

    they can be use in same sentence
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  • In the modern English usage because of and due to can be used inter-changeably.
    The trains were cancelled because of the rains.
    The trains were cancelled due to the rains.

    However, it is generally advised to use 'due to' between a sentence after a noun or verb to be. 'Because' can be used at the beginning of a sentence while using 'due to' in the beginning of a sentence is not advised and deemed wrong by experts.

    Because you helped me, I am going to repay you.
    Because I love you, I shall do that for you.

    The plane is due to arrive at 8 pm.
    He succumbed to his liver infection due to his drinking habits.
    He succumbed to his liver infection because of his drinking habits.

  • Hello

    You can get the difference with two sentences:

    The train was running late 12 hours due to bad weather.

    He is going to Delhi by train because Bus drivers are on strike.

    We can not use both in the same sentence.

    With best regards

    Dinesh Sood

  • Hi,

    Let me give you a simple difference between the usage of because of and due to.

    BECAUSE OF :- It is an adjective phrase used before a noun or a pronoun.

    Use because of when you can ask "WHY" or it is used to depict that the subject is on account of the object. It modifies the verb or verb phrase and follows the noun.

    Eg :- The game was abandoned because of a heavy shower.

    Why was the game postponed? Because of the heavy shower.

    DUE TO :- "Due to" functions as an adjectival phrase. It modifies a noun and follows the verb "to be/ be". It is mostly used in place of 'caused by'. It

    Eg :- The game's postponement was due to rain.
    In this sentence can we ask the "WHY" question? No we can't.
    So we don't use because of, we'll use due to.

    Some more examples
    I lost my appetite because of a stomachache.
    My loss of appetite was due to a stomachache.

    I hope I was able to explain myself to you.



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  • Hello

    The phrase due is often used like because

    eg: Play was stopped due to rain.

    This usage is in correct and due to should be used only with a noun (often after a linking verb)

    eg:The stoppage was due to rain

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