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    How to increase height with homeopathy?

    hi sir,
    i would like to know is there any homeopathy supllement that can make me grow taller after puberty my age is 19,
    i would like to grow about 2-4 inches in height
    is it possible?
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  • Hi,
    To increase your height you must do the following exercises regularly to increase your height at this age:
    * Swimming is a good exercise to make your body bone more flexible to increase height.
    * Cycling with normal height cycle on regular basis will also help to increase height.
    * Aerobic exercises like body stretching through gymnastic ring exercises with full body weight.
    * Last but not the least,in addition to the above exercises you should have sufficient nutrient foods like vegetables,germinated wheat, fruits, butter and milk to strengthen your bones which will also help to increase your height.

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