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    How to draw a shuttle badminton court?

    How to draw a shuttle badminton court?
    Please specify the size, dimension and rules too.
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  • Dear friend,

    Badminton is a beautiful game, can be played as singles or doubles across a net with same number of players on opposite side usually as indoors. Court dimensions and game rules have small variations for singles and doubles.

    Court dimensions & Game rules

    Court is rectangle in shape and can be used for both singles and doubles. But the court area for single is 13.4 m *5.18 m (69.4 m^2) including boundary lines. For doubles, court area is 13.4m*6.1m including boundary lines (81.74 m^2). Court lines should be drown with width of 40mm.

    Size of the net should be around 6.1m wide and 760 mm depth. Posts are of height 1.55m from surface of court. There should be no gap between post and net. There should be at least two meter clear space surrounding all boarder lines and two meter gap between two courts. It should be ensure that at least 9m free space from the court(minimum distance between court and roof of the room for indoors).

    Each game is played for 21 points(getting one point whenever win a rally). A full match containing three games and a match is the best of three games.

    with regards,
    Hamza Palengara

  • Thanks for your valuable answer.
    Please specify, how to calculate points. I saw that, in some cases game points increases and decreases. Why so?

    With Regards
    Aboo Thahir

  • Dear friend,

    Here i will explain you how the point system works in singles and doubles, so you can erase all your doubts and can starts to play now itself.

    In singles server and receiver stood diagonally opposite service court , server hits the shuttle cock so that it reach receiver court as in Tennis but it should be below his waist height. When the serving side losses the serve, next serve is passed to the opponents. Server stands in his right court when the score is even otherwise on the left court.

    In doubles, if the serving side wins , same player continues to serve but change the court so that getting different opponent each time. If the opponent win and their score is odd, then player in the left service court will serve otherwise the player in the right court.

    Point system:
    Match starts with a toss to determine who will start to serve or for selecting the court. Then game will progress whenever win a rally the team gets one point till reach of point 21. Suppose for a particular situation where each team reach 20-20, then match will continues till one team gets two points sequentially , that is till getting two point lead.

    Generally one match contain three games, team getting two out of three will be the winner.

    Hamza Plaengara.

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