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    What are the job opportunities in Capital Market?

    Please elaborate me about the job opportunities in Capital Market?
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  • Hi,

    In the field of capital market there are N number of opportunities. Have a look on Job profiles.

    1. Investment Banking Strategist: It is very popular job profile in banking sector. In 2007 it is hottest job across the world. You have to make the strategy regarding investment of the liquidity of Banks which ultimate leads to sheer profit.
    2. Risk ratings: You must be good in Basel I or Basel II to understand the risk rating concept.
    3. Portfolio Management: It is also good to be in team of Portfolio management to manage the asset of High Net Individuals (HNIs) or companies.
    4. Emerging market economies analyst: There are always a shift from developed to developing economies. And to stay in the market you should be well versed about these economies.
    5. Forex Exchange analyst: In many countries Forex is very popular, just understand the currencies difference of respective countries.
    6. Market analyst in real estate of capital market: This sector is always growing (exception is always there). To become market analyst in this sector you can grow a lot.
    7. Project management of capital market: In the team or as a leading person in project management of capital market leads you to understand the basic nature of company finance.
    8. Balance sheet Management: Balance sheet the the face of company for share holders and stake holders to invest in that company. Thus, it is also an opportunity of capital market.

    And opportunities are endless. But these are popular job title in which you can see the scope in future.


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