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  • vegetarian food enriched with Vitamin B12

    Hi !
    What are the vegetarian food enriched with Vitamin B12?
    What is the daily need of an adult?
    Because I have read many online articles related B12 all of which said that good source is non-vegetarian food.
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  • Plant foods are not enriched with Vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is not developed from plant food sources. The main sources of Vitamin B12 are meat, fish, eggs and other poultry foods.

    Milk and milk products are a good source of Vitamin B12.
    Some Indian morning cereals are Vitamin B12 rich such as wheat, oats meal etc.

    Margarine is a good source of Vitamin B12, but it is not recommended food as it is also a good provider of trans-fat which increases the bad cholesterol level.

    Required daily amount will be vary in adults and different ages of children.

    Adults: 2.5 micrograms, or mcg


    9-13 years: 1.8 to 2mcg

    4-8 years: 1.2 to 1.5 mcg

    1-3 years: 1 to 1.2mcg

    0-1 year: 0.5 mcg

  • Whole wheat (Dalia) is a best source of vitamin B12. We should not consume refined wheat flour as the vitamin and minerals are mostly in the cover of wheat.

    Dalia (broken wheat) is the best source of vitamin B12. Also the wheat plant leaves contains almost all vitamins and minerals. We can plant wheat at home. Early morning we should take half cup of fresh wheat leaves juice.

  • Vitamin B12 is necessary for the synthesis of DNA. It is also necessary in carbohydrate, protein, fats metabolism. Like other vitamins the vitamin B12 is also necessary and required for human body.

    The variouses sources of vitamin B12 are Liver, Eggs, Fish, and milk. vegetable foods dont contain this vitamin and it severely affects the vegetarian people. The effects of deficient intake of vitamin B12 dont appear for several years.
    The requirement is very small about 1microgram for adults.

    The Deficiency of Vitamin B12:
    1.leads to Anaemia.

    2. Decrease in Red blood cells and also leads to impared red cell production.

    3. Affects the nervous system and the spinal cord.


    This information has been refered from Community Health.

  • Yes! There are a good number of sources to get Vitamin B12 from a vegetarian or Plant-based diet.

    Before that, i would like to say "Some people have a misconception that Plant-based diet is nutritionally inadequate and incomplete and some essential nutrients are missing! But It is not true! It is proven by Research that a Plant-based diet is not only nutritionally complete but rather more healthier than a Non-vegetarian diet which is pre-dominant in fat.

    The green leafy vegetables like Spinach and Mint and Good source of Vitamin B12. Unpolished wheat and sprouted grains also help you get good amount of Vitamin B12 from diet.

    Vitamin B12 is very minutely required by human body as Its main function is to provide Cobalt ions, which act as Cofactors for most of the enzymes in Human body. So, consuming the above said items will provide enough amount of vitamin required for Normal body functions and there is clearly no need to rely on Meat to get the vitamin.


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