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    Interview Questions for core java and Advanced Java

    Give me a list of Java Interview questions for 5+ years of experience.

    Core Java + Advanced Java questions
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  • Please See the attached word file, Hope it'll help you.

    Shahid Ali


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  • Hi,
    Some of the confusing Java interview questions are:

    1. Why are the methods of the Math class static?
    2. What are E and PI in a JAVA source code?
    3. What an I/O filter?
    4. What interface must an object implement before it can be written to a stream as an object?
    5. Why we can not directly use abs() or sin() instead of Math.abs() and Math.sin()?
    6. Whay JAVA has a symbol as coffee bean ? Also what was the team name that developed JAVA concept?
    7. How can you use Observer and Observable in your code?

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