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    What is meaning of artificial intelligence?

    what is exact meaning of artificial intelligence
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    It is used to make some automatic decisions based on some algorithms.

  • The study and implementation of techniques and methods for designing computer systems to perform functions normally associated with human intelligence, such as understanding language, learning, reasoning, problem solving, etc.

    In simpler terms, it means to build artificial systems that will perform better on tasks that humans currently do better

  • Hi,

    Artificial Intelligence is nothing but the idea of making the computers and the machinery to think of their own, learn and even correct itself from its own mistakes just like the human beings...

  • Artificial Intelligence is the study of how to create a computer that can think exactly like a human being.

    Intelligence is the ability to think, to imagine, to create, memorize, understand, recognize patterns, make choices, adapt to change and learn from experience. Artificial intelligence is a study to create a non-organic machine-based entity, that has all the above abilities of natural organic intelligence. Therefore it is called as 'Artificial Intelligence' (AI).

  • Artificial Intelligence can otherwise be known as "Creation of Intelligent Machines", it is nothing but the simulation of Human Intelligence by machines. Humans can think, take decisions, can learn and can communicate. But machines cannot. Giving these abilities to machines/Robots is known as Artificial Intelligence(AI). At present AI deals with communication, perception, knowledge, ability to move and manipulate objects, planning and learning. If AI gets fully developed then the next field is "General Intelligence" which will provide additional features.

    Once AI is completely developed, you can expect Robots shown in Hollywood movies come real. But attaining AI is not easier. It is the most difficult task for which researches are still going on. Making a Robot to walk on its own and climb stairs was the big achievement in recent years. If you want to see more about walking Robots, you can make a search in youtube for Asimo which is a Humanoid developed by Honda.Since researches are still in the starting stages, it will take some time to develop Humanoids with AI.

    The main thing in developing AI is framing Intelligent Algorithms. It involves Complex Mathematics. But if once attained then we will have numerous applications, which can include Driver-less cars, and robots that can think, reason, create and more. We can expect all the Science fictions come true in the near future.

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    Abilash A Jaison

  • Hi,

    Artificial intelligence is nothing but the combination of logics and their implication by automatic devices. In some words I would say the intelligence of machines or the aritficial man-made devices.

    For example you can take an example of an ATM machine. We all use ATM machine for money withdrawls. There is also artificial intelligence involved in it though not in a very large manner. When we enter an amount to be withdrawn ATM automatically interpret the analogue values, collects the cash from the deposit box and export it to the user with the help of several lines of programming codes written in the backend.

    Artificial intelligence is usually associated with the robots. But if you see its everywhere around us. Whatever automatic machines we use for our conveniency they are using artificial intelligence.

    When it comes to Robotics or robots, the things become more complex. As the do the things as instructed with the help of lot of sensors, programming and IC chips.

  • well,by now you would have understood the meaning of artificial intelligence as a general term.An additional meaning to it can be said in terms of Fuzzy logic.Most of japanese technology uses these fuzzy logics.Fuzzy logic study started during the 20th century.The americans call it artificial intelligence.I could go on an on this topic as i myself had studied Fuzzy Logics the last year.

  • Intelligence means exercising intelligent behavior. An intelligent behavior is one that leads the person to success; and success is measured in terms of the some quantitative performance measure decided by a person external to the task based on the task environment. Artificial means something using machines.

    In simple terms, the field of AI concentrates on building machines that will maximize their performance in terms of some predefined criteria, generally in a dynamically changing work environment, by carrying out decisions in real time.

    Russel and Norvig, in their comprehensive text on artificial intelligence, identify four approaches to it:

    1) Think like humans: In this approach, we try to make automated machines that will be able to think and reason like humans.

    2) Act like Humans: Thinking like humans would not produce results, that humans produce using their intelligence. So, thinking is not enough, the machine has to think as well as act like humans.

    3) Think Rationally: Taking humans as the basic ideal is not going to work as human performance is highly variable and affected by an individual's bias, greed etc. It should be replaced by some more declarative computational model i.e. the one that is not influenced by these negative factors.

    4) Acting Rationally: Just thinking correctly will not work, so, action has to be introduced.

    Automating the process of acting rationally is the most widely accepted current standard goal for the field of AI.

    A machine that contains pre-defined functions also has some AI, but its level is primitive. However, the real challenge for AI field is of dynamic work environment, as I mentioned above. For such an environment, the concept of machine learning has been developed. It means that a machine cannot be pre-installed with all the information for a dynamic environment. The machine must learn the ways of coping with the environment as its lifetime progresses. For this, it should have a mechanism of learning through feedback.

    By the way, in the field of AI, the machine that we are talking about is called an Agent (anything that acts).

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