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    How to develop attitude and aptitude for interviews?

    hi please some one suggest me how to develop a aptitude test for interviews
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  • Aptitude tests evaluate how people perform on tasks to different situations.You have to develop your aptitude skills by solving a lot of problems and you have to spend minimum 3 hours for a day in aptitude section.Today,Aptitude tests are the entry point to all the companies.

    -> First of all,write down all the important formulas in a separate paper or note and read atleast once in a day

    -> Timing is also very important in solving aptitude problems.
    You have to solve lot of problems,this will helpful to reduce the time in exams.

    -> Understand the problem clearly and then answer the problem because your wrong answer is also in the options.

    -> There are some important concepts in aptitude. Try to solve more problems in that sections.
    => Time and Work
    => Probability
    => Age
    => Letter Sequences
    => Number Sequences
    => Logical Reasoning
    => Clock & Calendar


    -> RS Agarwal Quantitative Aptitude Book(For Aptitude Section Only)

    -> RS Agarwal Verbal & Non Verbal Reasoning (For Logical Reasoning)

  • Hi,

    Attitude and aptitude both are totally different but key factor for getting selection in any interview .

    How to develop attitude ?

    Attitude of any person designs their career, if you want something better from some one then you must have to show a positive and energetic attitude in favor of your desire. For improving your attitude you have to improve in your thinking level about a matter which is little bit tough but not impossible.

    "Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is the probable reason why so few engage in it." By Henry Ford

    If you thinking power will be increase then definitely you can understand any situation in better way for do your better work.
    Here are some points regarding improving attitude-

    1. Make your Passion clear.
    2. Belief in your ability.
    3. Better Strategy .
    4. Clarity of Values.
    5. Make Energetic effort.
    6. Mastery of Communication.
    7. Bonding Power with reliable person.
    8. Mind over Matter.
    9. Live Life NOW! Learn to live fully in your present moment.
    10. Learn to give compliment to others.
    11. SMILE and say THANK YOU more.

    So just try these points to develop your attitude positively.

    How to develop aptitude ?

    Aptitude test is a measurement of a people to perform against a task , It is a measurement of thinking level of a mind in different situation and also measure that how quick you are.

    For improving your aptitude test you must have to make learn a lots of formulas and tricks related to various type of aptitude question, you must have to make a regular practice for making your mind quick and understanding the new problem. Here are a lots of resources available to improve your aptitude test ability.

    1. Go to and search for it.
    2. Purchase book and solve it.
    Like R.S. agrawal,Berron,GRE etc.
    3. Read various magazine for it.

    You have to cover some specific topics for improve your aptitude test ability which are-

    1. Profit & Loss.
    2. Time and Distance.
    3. Work and Time.
    4. Present age.
    5. Number System.
    6. Logarithmic.
    7. Train and boat.
    8. Clock & Calendar
    9. Logical Reasoning
    10. Age
    11. Probability.
    12. Letter Sequence.

    Most popular book for it is->

    1-RS Agarwal Quantitative Aptitude Book(For Aptitude Section Only)
    2-RS Agarwal Verbal & Non Verbal Reasoning (For Logical Reasoning)

  • Hi,

    Developing attitude and aptitude is not that much easy. But by practice you can develop both.

    Attitude developing:
    -Don't think negatively, always think positively.
    -Develop good habits.
    -Avoid bad company.
    -Develop presence of mind.

    Aptitude Developing:
    -For developing aptitude various books are available. The most common book is R.S.Aggarwal's Quantitative Aptitude. It covers almost everything in Aptitude. If you study this book completely, you will have a sound knowledge on aptitude so that you can easily crack any aptitude exam.


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