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    How to use pressure cookers safely?

    Suggest few tips for safe use of pressure cooker to prevent any accident.
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  • Please use the following steps for safe using of pressure cooker.

    1. First buy a pressure cooker of reputed brand.
    2. Capacity should be according to family members.
    3. Base of pressure cooker should be heavy.
    4. Never fill pressure cooker more than 70% of the capacity.
    5. Always clean the nozzle pipe of the whistle.
    6. Clean the safety valve properly. As in case of whistle stop then safety valve can brake easily.
    7. Never cook milk and milk products in pressure cooker as cream of milk can chock the nozzle pipe.
    8. Replace rubber of pressure cooker cover after 6 months.

  • Hi,

    Millions of people around the world make use of pressure cooker .Safe using should also be known from reducing the chance of mis- happening .
    Here their are few tips regarding how to use pressure cooker safely.

    1. Don't move your cooker when it contains hot liquids.
    2. Always check your equipments before cooking , make sure that rubber is properly kept . Place the lid properly before you operate.
    3.According to the instructions given add water , which is sufficient . Don't overfill food.
    4. Avoid cooking food such as peas,noodles,macaroni,oatmeal .They may block the steam valves.
    5. Don't force to open pressure cooker when it is hot.
    6. Go for branded one, never go for cheaper variety which causes problem in future . Replace the cooker once in a year.
    7. According to the whistle blown , switch off the gas.




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